Friday, February 11, 2005

Post Does Not Get It

Well I tried to give the Post a BIG story but they would have nothing to do with it. Sad don't you think?

My Letter To The Post & Lee Publishing Reference The Jordan Story................

Well, you can imagine my disappointment that you did not take my advise from two days ago and go with the Eason Jordan story. I told you this was a valid BIG news story but you said no. Now the paying subscribers of the Post will have to read another reactionary, dry, and behind the curve story because the paper would not go out and expose an ultra-liberal person or agenda. It was a cut and dry story unless you were held back by extreme political agendas.

Well, it happened tonight, Jordan has resigned and rightfully so for his insane claim. Jordan told a panel in Switzerland last week that "the American military targets journalists in Iraqi". How a true news organization looking for truth and accountability could not run that story two days ago, or before, I just don't understand.

Well like usual, if its a big story that does not support the ultra-liberal cause, it gets no print space in the Post. Things have to change, they really do. Viability, credibility, and subscription relevance is at stake.

Well here is the next Big story you need to follow. George Soros has been feeding millions to the Robert Redford's foundation, to fund propaganda films that support their mutual socialist agenda. It has a very scary Joseph Goebbels ring to it don't you think? Like Hollywood needs more bad press exposing it for what it comes the truth and the bright light of exposure. Will the Post be part of this next big story?

I have decided that I will be the Post's St. Louis based "Moderate News Story" source via the News Media. I'm going to feed you the stories that you should be following and reporting on, that are off the ultra-liberal road map and the majority of your viewers will be interested in and want to know about. Do with the leads and suggestions what you wish, but a wise organization I think would consider them and act.

As damage control perhaps Kevin and Eric can try to catch up somewhat in their Op-Ed articles and make the paper look less ridiculous on the Jordan story. What do you say fellas?

Contact me if you would like to discuss or expand my role at the Post.

Steve Priest

Lets hope they get it some day.........................