Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of The Union

I think President Bush's speach was a home run and he is a "True Leader". He hit it well and really made the strong Bush points. From Iraqi, to Social Security, Syria & Iran, malpractice reform, cutting spending, and education, it was very good.

The President explained why there is no option other than acting on Social Security reform. It will go broke in 2018 paying out more than it collects. You don't have to know anything about finance to know when you collect less than you pay, its got to be fixed. Anyone not for Social Security reform is not well informed has an agenda aside from looking out for Americans.

On that note, he talked about non-essential spending cuts. Federal waste is out of hand as it has been for years. We need to put a very sharp knife to the pork and really cut it out.

Malpractice reform is very much in order with most states and cities loosing doctors faster than CBS News is loosing viewers. When huge numbers of doctors are leaving their practice, its not about bad doctors. It is rather about trial lawyers and bad law suits.

The most important and powerful moment of the night was Iraqi and the tribute President Bush gave to our soldiers and the Iraqi people. The guest Iraqi embracing the guest who was the mother of a fallen American soldier was moving. It brought home the true value of this fight and the reason we are doing it and winning it. Seeing the sacrifice of the American mother and the joy and gratitude of the Iraqi woman was very moving. Then the mother gave the Iraqi woman her sons dog tags. That was a very powerful moment. It said to me that she was saying, I have and other mothers have invested their sons lives for your freedom and we believe in you and your future.

Syria and Iran were put on notice and it will not be long before we clean those rat nests out. Bush told the citizens of Iran that we are here for you, so it could be a self liberation we see. If not, how do you guys feel about really big bombs?

I also really liked the blue fingers of some members who were paying tribute to the Iraqi vote and victory. They I think got that from poking Senator Kennedy in his eye ball. Kennedy looked like a total fool even more so after this great speech. I am very optimistic about our President and his agenda.