Monday, February 28, 2005

The Grass of Freedom Is Growing

About a year ago I had dialog with a Post Dispatch columnist on the Iraq war, and it went something like this. He said it would be a failure and I said no, it would be a great success. His rational was that there were no WMDs and that it would be our next Vietnam and destroy our relationships with the rest of the world. My rational was that even without finding the WMDs that we all know Iraq had at one time, the liberation of Iraq and the coming democracy would sow the seeds of democracy and change the Middle East, and given what we faced if the willing did not include our old European allies so what, time to act.

I told the columnist, that I thought that George W. Bush would go down as a great visionary and the liberator of the Middle East that would make the whole world safer. I said you have to "drain the swamp in order to let the grass of freedom grow in such an oppressed region". I think I will be proven right. Read more here:

Today the Syrian puppet government in Lebanon resigned due to the recognized growing public unity, outcry and protesting of the Lebanese people. Christian and Muslim, joined together to protest against the murder of their former President by the Syrian government and the puppet Lebanese government. Strong freedom is on the march in Lebanon and remember this is the country that Syria uses as the Hazballah base and staging country for its terrorist operations. Democracy in Lebanon will be huge and send very good shock waves through the entire Middle East. Read more:

In Egypt Mubarak has amended Egypt's constitution to allow direct presidential elections. This is a historic development that is being driven by the Egyptian people looking over the border into Iraq and seeing that light of freedom and self rule and then saying why not us also? The glow of freedom is growing and spreading just like grass, and just like I predicted.

President George W. Bush made the hard decision and directed ur men and woman of the military service to liberate a whole region of the world. It also happens to be one of the most dispersed regions and the one that produces the most vicious terrorists that want to destroy our way of life.

The swamp is in deed being drained and the grass is in fact growing. Beautiful grass and has people with blue fingers of victory showing not only our sacrifice but theirs and more importantly their hunger to be free people. If you can't support feeding people freedom and self rule, you better do a real self check and see what you are truly all about.">