Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Robert Redford & George Soros Connection - Agenda

The recent George Soros and Robert Redford alliance is without a doubt a precise and planned political strategy. The alliance has nothing to do with Soros' love of cinema or his desire to engage in the arts. Rather it is Soros' latest strategy to interject his socialist political philosophy into the American culture. Soros' wants to change America politically from an American Democracy to one based on a Socialist European Democracy model, and Redford shares the same political philosophy.

Soros donated $4.6 million dollars to Redford's Sundance International Documentary Fund on September 16,2002. The goal of the fund per Redford is to "underwrite films aimed at promoting social justice and social change". Redford provided Michael Moore seed money to get started in his film career, so look no further than "Fahrenheit 911" to understand the content and purpose of the films coming out of this Funds stable.

This years offerings from the Sundance International Documentary Fund include "Control Room" which per the Sundance website " is a film focused on the culture clash between Western and Arab worlds through the prism of satellite television. The film focuses on the Arab news channel Al-Jazeera’s presentation of the second Iraq war and calls into question many of the prevailing images and positions offered up by the U.S. news media." I have not seen it, but seems that the thesis and theme is that America is bad, is killing innocent Arabs, and the American media is not telling the truth in its reporting. If you believed Eason Jordan, you might surmise that is due to journalist being targeted by the American military and taken out in Iraq. I think there is a strong correlation between the two thoughts and theories and more of the same from two closely allied industries ( the MSM and Hollywood ).

Aside from the independent films that the Sundance Fund promotes, the organization also has a television station that provides a platform for the same types of work. In today's line-up you will find "The Origins of AIDS" on at 11:30AM. The preview states "startling in its thesis, compelling in its argument and chilling in its measured presentation, this award-winning documentary by Peter Chappell and Catherine Peix delves into the possible origins of AIDS in the jungles of Zaire (formerly the Belgian Congo). Investigating a theory detailed in journalist Edward Hooper's controversial book The River, THE ORIGINS OF AIDS looks into the possibility that the deadliest disease known to mankind came as a result of a risky, mass inoculation of an experimental polio vaccine during the late 1950s. TVPG ". Below the preview summary appears a disclaimer "This documentary explores a controversial theory. Sundance Channel presents this documentary as a theory, not as a factual account" I think you get the jest of the political agenda of the Sundance Fund and the Sundance Channel, that being "American is bad, capitalism is bad, socialist democracy is good, we have to change America, don't trust anyone in power in America". Another offering today at 3:00AM is "The Navigators". The preview states "With humor and grit, filmmaker Ken Loach presents the story of five Yorkshire railway workers following the privatization of British Rail in 1995. When an efficiency-minded company takes over their district line, the quintet's hard-won labor agreements are abandoned, along with safety concerns and job security. Loach's documentary approach and a cast of unknown performers lend immediacy and veracity to this committed take on the dangers of privatization. A former British Rail employee, Rob Dawber, wrote the award-winning screenplay. R (AC, AL) CCAP/Stereo".

The dangers of privatization???? Thats code for pro-socialism.

Interestingly, from the Chris Mathews Hardball program January 25th, the following exchange took place between Mathews and Redford.

Chris Mathews: "You know, journalism is speaking truth to power. Do you think that people are better off having some skepticism about their leaders? Certainly “All the President‘s Men” was about that".

Response from Redford: "I do, absolutely. “All the President‘s Men” was kind of a strange experience. If you put my knowledge of what I think films can do to change, it really came off those two experiences, “The Candidate” and “All the President‘s Men,‘ where I could come out and say, you know, I don‘t really think it does change anything, because it didn‘t. If you look at “The Candidate,” the point we were making in 1972 is worse now than ever. And “All the President‘s Men,” that‘s tame by comparison to what‘s going on now. So, I don‘t think it changed anything. What it did was, it advanced the school of journalism for reporters that wanted to". There you have it, Redford and Soros want to influence journalism to right the injustices they believe are in place in American society and the American political model. They intend to use the media and film industry to achieve their goal of creating a European Socialist Democracy model in America.

That's fine since in America free people can decide what form of government and self rule we have. We could decide to have our government collect all our money and redistribute it as the government sees fit, if that is what we want. We could decide to eliminate the private sector and give the government control of all industry and enterprise if again that is what we want. Thankfully a huge majority of Americans don't desire a socialist government, rather they are quite happy with the democracy we have. It works great and continues to provide the freedoms and opportunities that millions of people seek from all around the world and who try to immigrate to this great model and live their lives under the bounties that it provides.

The issue I have with Redford, Soros, and the Sundance agenda is that it is a "political organization" hiding behind the disguise of the "Arts". They intend to promote their political agenda without full disclosure. If Redford and Soros formed a Political Organization and named it say "The Socialist American Model", and promoted their agenda under that organization then I say go for it. Again this is America and we all are free to express whatever political convictions we have and rightfully so. Freedom of speech is truly the most sacred and powerful right that we as a people have. I have no issue with Redford and Soros engaging in this sacred freedom as they have every right to do so just like every one else. I do have issue with them prostituting it and demeaning it by hiding a political agenda behind the veil of the "Arts".