Saturday, April 30, 2005

Court Sides With Sexual Predators

The Missouri Supreme Court made a ruling this past week that is insane and truly without rational explanation. Its embarrassing for sure, but much more importantly it puts our children in harms way. What they did is reverse a Missouri law section 566.083.1(1) RSMo 2000 by a 4 to 3 vote. It came about in an appeal hearing for a former St. Louis public school counselor (James Beine) who was convicted of exposing himself on several different occasions to elementary children. Aside from the school exposure crime, Beine has a conviction that was overturned on child pornography. That case had an alleged improper search warrant. Seems like we are scoring about 150% on protection of Child Sexual Predator rights.

Here is the full report out of the case and why the Missouri Supreme Court reversed the ruling from the Missouri Government website


My summary is as follows:

Opinion Summary: In his job as a counselor at the Patrick Henry Elementary School in St. Louis, Missouri, James Beine often entered restrooms designated for males to prevent disruptive behavior by students. Three male students under the age of 14 asserted that, in the spring of 2001, Beine exposed himself to them while using a urinal next to them in the restroom near the school's gym. At the time, no restrooms were designated expressly for students only, and adults sometimes used the large public restrooms frequented by the students. Beine was indicted on three counts of sexual misconduct involving a child by indecent exposure, in violation of section 566.083.1(1), RSMo 2000, although a fourth charge involving one of the three boys was added later. Following a trial, the jury found Beine guilty on all four counts and recommended that he be sentenced to four years in prison on each count. The court accepted the jury's recommendation, sentencing Beine to one concurrent and three consecutive terms, for a total of 12 years imprisonment. Beine appeals.

REVERSED AND REMANDED.Court en banc holds: (1) The evidence is insufficient to convict Beine of any of the charges, as the state has failed to point to substantial evidence in support of the essential elements of the offenses charged. To convict Beine of the charges, the state was required to prove that Beine exposed his genitals in a manner that would cause a reasonable adult to believe that such conduct was likely to cause affront or alarm to a child under the age of 14. Here, there is no question that Beine knowingly exposed his genitals to persons under the age of 14, which often is necessary in a men's restroom. There was no direct evidence, however, of how a reasonable adult would react to Beine's behavior. The evidence that, on two occasions, Beine stood at a distance from the urinal while urinating in the presence of the boys reasonably cannot be construed as likely to cause affront or alarm. The state simply has not proved criminal conduct under the applicable statute, and the judgment on all counts must be reversed.

So there is no doubt that Beine exposed himself on several occasions to children under 14 years old, but the Court says the exposure is within a reasonable fashion. Exposure within reasonable fashion?

Mr. Beine admitted to a fellow inmate that he knowingly exposed himself to boys and he admitted to be drawn to these two boys for what ever reason. He also told his fellow inmate that whenever the boys would use the bathroom and no other adults were around, he would go in and expose himself to the boys.

The children testified that Mr. Beine urinated beside them at a distance of three to four feet in an arc! Why would anyone stand back that far from the urinal other than to expose themselves to someone else.

On another occasion Beine turned towards the boys while they were using the sink and exposed himself again to them. If he had enough time to finish, then he had enough time to zip up prior to turning and facing the children.

The Principle Mr. Washington stated that there was no written policy that prohibited adults from using the children's bathroom "but it would not have been considered appropriate for the adult staff members to have used the children's restroom when the children were using them, although adults staff might use these restrooms on occasion if no children were present.

One of the boys C.M. stated that Beine was in the bathroom almost any time that his class used it.

OK, so this guy urinated four feet from the urinal in front of the kids, turned to them and exposed himself, was always in the bathroom when they were there even though the Principle states that was not appropriate, admitted to be drawn to these boys, and planned his presence when they were in the bathroom. Sounds to me that it fits within the intent of the law that any REASONABLE person would determine that this man intentionally exposed himself to these children repeatedly and did in fact cause affront or alarm to a child under age 14.

The only thing that is not reasonable is the ruling by the four judges lead by Chief Justice Ronnie L. White. Remember Ronnie White's failed appointment by Clinton to the US District Court? Sound like a very sound decision given the rulings coming out of the Missouri State Supreme Court these days that he is leading.

Here is what John Ashcroft said about his objection to White being appointed to a life time post as a US District Court:

My opposition to Judge White was well-founded. Studying his judicial records, considering the implications of his decisions and hearing the widespread objections to his appointment from a large body of my constituents, I simply came to the overwhelming conclusion that Judge White should not be given lifetime tenure as a US District Court judge. My legal review revealed the troubling pattern of his willingness to modify settled law in criminal cases. 53 of my colleagues reached the same conclusion.

Here is what the Law Enforcement of America said about the failed White appointment: White

On October 5, 1999, the U.S. Senate voted 45-54 to reject the nomination of Ronnie White to the U.S. District Court in Missouri; this was the first time the Senate had defeated a Clinton -judicial nominee after 320 straight -confirmations.

Democrats accused Republicans of racism for rejecting a black nominee, while Republicans (including many who had not even known the nominee’s race) said his record on issues, including criminal justice, did not justify a lifetime appointment to the federal bench. For instance, as a justice on the Missouri Supreme Court, Ronnie White voted against the death penalty three times more often than his colleagues in the Show Me State.

Interesting don't you think that White got an up or down vote and he got voted down and got voted down rightfully so. The Presidents candidates deserve the same up or down vote.

Bottom line here is that these Activist Judges who were appointed by Democrat Governors have turned the sexual predators loose on our children in an unexplainable ruling. They have abandoned common sense and abandoned protecting the children of Missouri. They are saying it is perfectly ok for a Teacher in Elementary school to expose themselves to children for their own gratification. With story after story of sexual predators abusing and killing children these days, instead of stiffing the law and cracking down on this horrendous crime, the Missouri Supreme Court is enabling it. Not only will Beine be released but in all probabiliy all other preditors convicted under the statute that has been ruled unconsitutional will also be released if they appeal.

I would suggest that you contact your State Rep and State Senator if this is alarming to you and voice your concern. If there ever was a "Good" reason to call them, now is the time.

Also check out the watered down version of the story by the Pravda Post buried on page 8.

Pravda Post

Not exactly the full story is it............................

Friday, April 29, 2005

Stoners Are Leaving Us - Thankfully

If you are a pacifist and refuse to acknowledge that force must be used at times to defend this sacred liberty that we enjoy and makes our life quality the best in the world you won't like this news:

Time To Bomb Iran?

Closed-door sessions between Iran and senior British, French, German officials failed to resolve Western demands that Iran end efforts to enrich uranium, the key element in building nuclear weapons. Looks like the Europeans loose again and prove to be totally ineffective. Just like WWII, looks like the Chamberlin's weak eye negotiations and diplomacy won't work and we will have to bail them out again. Get use to it, if you have not figured it out we are truly alone on this and the only ones that can do it, and have to do it. Blair has tried to get the parent country to saddle up, but it has become too liberal and too socialist. Don't count on the socialist Brits going forward.

Well then, looks like the "negotiated solution" via non-military means that the ultra liberals socialists have said would work in Iraq a couple years ago and did not, and now they say will work with Iran, have not worked and won't. Newsflash to those folks, Iran wants to develop a nuclear weapon for two reasons. 1) To become the heavy in the middle east now that the crusaders are encamped next door and they are scared as hell ( rightfully so ). 2) They want to destroy Israel and will use a nuclear weapon if they think they can get just a crack in the window to blow Israel off the map.

You don't negotiate with people of this nature, you tell them to either get in line or face the consequences. I have always said that unless the Iranian people take their country back and spark a democratic revolution, then military action in Iran will be the next step in the necessary protection plan to protect the American people and rightfully so.

The other interesting thing for me is that Britain, France and Germany were the lead on this and could not convince the mullahs. Does anyone really trust or think that the European vibes to crisis solutions are really relevant any longer? I wonder what kind of "Oil for Food" Iranian style fraud we will find in the not too distance future. I think there will be some dirty laundry not only on the corrupt French and German side but also the British side. I mean seriously, especially on the consideration of France and Germany, they truly live in a dream land that has not existed since Woodstock and the drug educed fantasy world of the mid sixties.

Speaking of the fantasy world that the sixties brought us, my theory is that the DNC and the MSM was the outplacement source for the children of the sixties who grew older but still lived by their earlier motto, "Drugs, Sex, Peace and Rock & Roll" and of course "Hate America". The good news is that the counter culture stoners are leaving us at a very accelerated rate. A twenty year old boomer who was a sixties flower power stoner is now around 60 years old. Given their life style, its probable that the majority will fade away in the next couple years. They have left "pod children" who have Marley posters, wear dread locks and use lots of drugs, but the clear signal is that they are an increasing minority in our social landscape. They will be the flee market attendees of the mid 2000's selling incense and other crap that no one other than a stoner will want.

American is moving slightly to the right and I think it will comfortably settle in about two clicks right or center (7) on a ten position dial. Sounds like my neighborhood and I like my neighborhood. I think the majority of Americans will like it also, unless they are sixties stoners or pod children of the stoners.

Here is what you really need to know:

Speaking during Friday prayers at Tehran University, Iran's powerful former president Hashemi Rafsanjani said his country will continue "prolonged and fruitless sessions" with the Europeans "with patience and firmness" to convince them that Iran doesn't want to make nuclear weapons.

He added that Iran wanted to have all kinds of nuclear technology for the good of the country, and it would do so "at whatever price it takes."

I say it's time for the Big Bad Bombs................

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Help The Network Viewers If You Can

Let's be serious, the network viewers of television are as my grandfather would have said: not the brightest bulbs in the package or the sharpest tool in the shed. Do you agree? Sounds like the dumb network viewers and dumb network management were upset that the sweep shows were not on tonight because of the President's address. God am I glad I no longer get my primary news from TV or Newspapers.

The fact is that only about half of this country is "truly' qualified to vote these days. I support and agree that everyone should be able to vote if they want to and qualify to vote, but in reality 50% of our fellow citizens don't understand enough to effectively vote on the issues and really understand the issues. That I think is a big value that blogs should play going foreword. Present the views of all sides to the average Americans so they have the info they need to make "THEIR" decision .

Newspapers and network TV is done. Blogs and Cable TV will deliver the info that voters need and want going forward. Thats a really good thing I'd say.

Bush Makes Me Very Proud

The President addressed the nation this evening in prime time, much to the chagrin of the networks intellectual viewers looking for Survivor, CSI, Without A Trace and O.C. The network that feeds the intellectual network viewers also was not too happy about the timing since it was sweeps week. That aside, those who consider Presidential policy more important than the before mentioned shows got some really good information. I hope the intellectual network viewers will forgive us.

Here are the key points of the press conference as I see it:

I) Social Security is in deep trouble and if Americans don't put political agendas behind us and address the issues, it's going to cost a lot more to fix it five, ten or twenty years from now and suck money way from other needs. The President introduced an aspect of his plan that would increase the benefits of lower income Americans over those of higher income levels. The President stated the pluses of Personal Accounts invested in Treasury Bills only ( Want stocks not T-Bills but hey, lets crawl before we walk).

a) Any sane person knows that Social Security is going broke in 2041 and if it is to continue to be a viable benefit then it has to be reformed. More money going out than money being paid in = broke. Same as your cash flow, if the bills are higher than the income you can't pay for it in liquid cash. What then, well you borrow and go in debt. Not a good plan. The President called everyone out on this point and said "I am willing to listen to any good idea from either party," Bush said, adding that if Congress can set aside politics then "Republicans and Democrats will be able to stand together and take credit for doing what is right for our children and grandchildren." OK Dems, you have once again a big, green and genuine olive branch on the issue and the stated goal to save the program and strengthen it for future generations. What will you do? The President outlined again that those born before 1950, nothing changes so call AARP and tell them to be a positive influence on this issue instead of obstructing it. AARP better pay attention because if they don't, when those now 50 or older leave us, there will be no one replacing them in the AARP ranks if they continuing to obstruct fixing Social Security. I'm going to write AARP and tell them the next three months will decide if I will ever join their organization in the future or not. So 54 year old and older, you got yours and your ok. So do you care about your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren? If so contact your Senator, Rep and AARP.

b) I agree completely with the "Upward Scale" the President introduced this evening. I have always said if I had annual income in my retirement years of $100,000 plus then I would be willing to give up all or certainly some of my Social Security income. Anyone who has the good fortune of having things work out to the tune of six digit retirement income should also be willing to forgo Social Security benefits that they really don't need to help those less fortunate. Only a truly "greedy" person would disagree with that point. So now those on the lower income brackets should wake up from the DNC spell induced sleep and get involved with this reform.

c) The scenario of a couple having one die after paying into Social Security for 40-50 years and then the survivor only getting to pick one of the account to pull from was powerful. How "unfair" would it be to have that happen to you? To see your spouses money go into a dark sucking hole and not available to you when you needed it, that is without a doubt the worst robbery there is.

II) Energy Cost are on everyone's minds and they were on the Presidents tonight. Bottom line, we rely on other people and countries for the energy that drives our economy. That has to end and its time to start the solution. The President outlined a four prong plan: 1) Technology advancements and investments to conserve energy (highbred vehicles). 2) Maximizing current resources ( higher mpg on vehicles ). 3) Developing new and effective energy sources (hydrogen, ethanol, nuclear and bio-diesel). 4) Help developing countries like China and India do be more energy efficient as they develop.

a) All are not only good, but 100% accurate solution for the long term solution to what we face. Nothing really other to add, its that simple. So Greens and Environmentals what do you say? You can't refuse to join this dialogue, right?

b) Toyota and Honda are the only viable option for hybrid vehicles. US auto makers are so far behind the curve that this just might make them join the ranks of the Studebaker and Edsel. They buy the hybrids from Toyota to tell you how far behind they are. Got to get rid of unions and $50 an hour janitors so they can invest in the R&D needed to develop the product that will ride the roads of America for the years to come. Airlines and American Automakers on going down the tubes because of unions and wages out of balance with the free market that should decide those wages. We need new automakers with a Southwest Airlines model.

III) Judicial Nominees are under an attack for being people of "faith" and the most vial insult of all that can be spoken to a person of faith is can you apply the law of the land without your faith influancing your behavior. The President said "I think people are opposing my nominees because they don't like the judicial philosophy of the people I've nominated. And some would like to see judges legislate from the bench. That's not my view of the proper role of a judge," he said, adding that people who want to use their own faith or refer to another's in determining the qualifications of an individual are doing a disservice.

a) Its about the law and that's what the people of "no faith" really fear. As the President said, if we take "legislation from the bench" away, the socialist left has no platform in America any longer aside from Hollywood and the MSM. We have a Republican President of faith, and a Congressional majority of faith, so what do those of no faith have? Legislation from the Bench is all they have. That's about to change and if needed the Dutch Pirate tactic of filibuster will end. A person of faith I say is much more capable of applying the law then someone who has an agenda to wipe faith out of everyone else's public life.

The most personal and poignant part of the Press Conference for me was the following from the President, "As I said, I think faith is a personal issue. And I take great strength from my faith. But I don't condemn somebody in the political process because they may not agree with me on religion." Amen Mr. President, what a strong and accurate statement on faith. I agree totally that faith is the most personal and private of all elements of ones life. I will add to the Presidents statement that it also is completely ok for people of faith to also be active and activists in politics. It is a private matter and should be, but when a party like the DNC and MSM start attacking people of faith then its time for people of faith to become very political and very active. Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot attacked people of faith politically and we all see how that ended up. People of faith need to be active in politics and more than ever right now. I have spoke out about faith more on this blog the past few days than I'm really comfortable doing, but I have no choice. When something so sacred and fundamental is under attack we must defend it. The start point and principle that this country was established under and brought our founding parents here was freedom of religion. That's our countries foundation whether you like it or not. That freedom does not only apply within the walls of our churches or limit us to that place. The freedom we have and rightfully so also applies to our politics and the right to vote for, campaign for, and support elected officials who also are people of faith.

The Press Conference via Fox
Presidental Press Conf

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Top Three On Google

Crazy but when you enter the following:

getting nothing but static from msm blog

Guess who comes up third on Google? Yes me.......................

I'm third on the Google search when it's entered. That's kind of cool I must say. third on a Google search is really cool.

More Really Bad Journalism From The Mink

All that needs to be said is: the usual crap from Eric the Mink

Moonbat In A Mink Coat

The Mink was an Entertainment Editor just a few years ago and with work like this we see he has not left that spectrum, aside from his flights with his fellow moonbats socialist on a full moon.......................Eric is just a bad hack journalist. How can this fraud cash his check even from the Pravda Post?

Blago Bloats Spending Up

When governments control large amounts of money, there is sure to be big waste and outright fraud. It's happening in Illinois the past year under the watch of Democrat Gov Blagojevich. Blago ran on a platform to "streamline government" that's code for liberal fat cat sweet heart deals. From the Pravda Post

Blago Spends It Up

Be careful what or who you vote for, they probably will waste and steal your money like you could never imagine.

Management Consulting companies are serious sharks and need to swim in a tank with other sharks to be kept in check. They usually eat up government based organization, sort of like those National Geographic programs showing lions gorging on a kill........................

Clay Decides To Support The Law

Ultra Liberal US House Rep Lacey Clay D-STL, has decided to vote pro values????? Seems that the congressman has been getting some heat from his constituency that he is out of touch with them on the moral issues. Lacey will support a bill that makes it a crime to help a minor evade a state parental notification law to have an abortion. Read the Pravda Post for the story.

Clay Decides To Enforce Law

Mighty big of Lacey, enforcing the law and making sure that parents have a say in something as extreme and important as having an abortion. Way to stand up Big Guy.

Air America Socialist Wants To Kill The President

So what do liberal socialist do on the radio? Well they play a skit about killing President Bush!!!"> Socialist Want Bush Dead

Nice huh, Air America is a hate organization pure and simple. By the way what they did is break the law. Threats against the President of this nature are a crime and sounds like th Secret Service is rightfully on the case.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

DNC Lies About Social Security

Theme music and Socialist Washington Dems screaming against Social Security Reform to Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down", to a crowd of government workers who have a better deal than Social Security and don't pay Social Security Taxes, it's very sad and the cracks are breaking on the DNC side thank God.

Only the pilot of the Titanic could be more wrong about the need to changing course than the DNC stance currently held. Polls show that 50% of Americans believe that the plan is in serious trouble. What the balance are thinking about must be AARP mind control. I will never join the AARP even when I get there 20 years from now due to their obstruction of the reforms we need now to make Social Security variable.

Speaking of the AARP, take a look at a great piece by Neil Cavuto of Fox

Open To Fixing It?

If your less than 50 years old you better pay attention to this. If you older than 50 years old you should think of your children and grandchildren and call AARP and tell them to quite lying to the country on this matter.

A failing group always holds a sad rally like the one we saw today. Watch for the right and justifiable squeeze coming on the DNC, its going to be really fun. If the DNC shuts down the government, count Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota in the Republican column.

PBS Calling

I had an interesting call this evening from the local PBS channel. Around 7:15PM CST a young lady called and identified herself as being from channel 9 KETC St. Louis and PBS. She was pleasant and upbeat and pretty much a perfect telemarketer. She quickly read off her pitch card ensuring that there was no pause in the pitch that would allow any comment or response from me. That's the way all fund raising organizations do it these days, recite the script without pause and without allowing any response until the end. If they get you to the end of the pitch, the statistics show that they have a much higher probability of getting you to contribute.

She cited all the positive reasons that I should renew my contribution and how valuable PBS must be to me. The children's educational programs dedicated to educating our youth (this point is true), the adventure programs that takes us all on escapes into the wild from the comfort of our homes, and as she identified it the "current events" that PBS keeps us connected to. Then she ended with "I'm sure you would like to renew your pledge from last year of $150.

I calmly explained to the young lady that no, I would not be pledging any money to PBS this year. She then asked me why I had decided not to give. I then explained to her that PBS both locally and nationally had veered much too far to the left politically and in my opinion had assumed an activist role for the ultra-liberal cause. I explained to her that I was of the moderate conservative political standing, and could not support an organization that had become so outwardly bias in their coverage of the politics of our day. There was a long pause from the young lady, then she asked if "I still saw the value of PBS and was I sure that I did not want to contribute".

I then explained to her that I see value in organizations that present both sides of an issue and present the facts in an unbiased manner which allows the viewer to take the information and make up their minds based on the facts presented. I explained to her that I did not appreciate or gain value from people at PBS like Bill Moyers who consistently degrading people of faith like me because he is an atheist and thinks those of faith are idiots. I told her that the liberal bias that is clearly evident in the Newshour with Jim Lehrer program is not of viewing quality for me personally because of its political activist agenda. I explained that the Socialist Democrat mouth piece programs like Washington Week, Tony Brown, BBC World News, and American Experience, were so out of touch with my views and mainstream Americans that I simply in good concise could not donate. She paused again and then said something very interesting, which was " I have heard that a lot this evening".

I told her to note on my account to call me back next year and if PBS moved to the center and began presenting the news of the day in an unbiased and moderate fashion, and shed the role of being the Socialist Democrat movement mouth piece, then I would certainly donate next year. There was a long pause and then she thanked me for my time and the feedback.

PBS asking me, a moderate conservative to support them with an in kind donation above the tax revenue they get from me currently with the content they put out from a political perspective, curious at best. I think it will be very interesting to see what the fund raising results of PBS are this year and how that might reflect where we are at as a country on the political spectrum. My sense from the call is that there is a very strong turn right, even in the very liberal neighborhood of KETC Channel 9 St. Louis.

Monday, April 25, 2005

If You Have Faith - Stay Out of Politics

Several stories out there on the RNC - religious connection and how bad it is. So why is that bad? Is it wrong for people of faith to campaign, support, promote and work for people who share their religious belief? Is it only ok for those of no faith to be valid in politics? Sorry, but that dog does not hunt with this group.....................

I strongly believe that the government should not promote religious views on the constituency. However, religious people have every right to be as active in politics as anyone else.

The DNC is attacking the religious rights of Americans, and its getting really serious. You should pay attention to this movement by the DNC. It's an attack on your faith and rights.

DNC = Political Death

I'm watching C-Spam and Kerry is on speaking about the Oil Situation. Boy does he look like a total loser. He is missing his mark on almost every sentence. Looking at his notes all the time. This was the polished guy the educated intellecutal? Guess American choose well.

Kerry was such a bad candidate its incredible that he was elected by the DNC. The even more incredible things is that Kerry was a better alternative to Dean, Clinton, Gore and the rest of the gang. It tells you who you are if you lean DNC and vote DNC. It's a very sad, dirty place to live and is a death sentence from the American Mainstream.

I guess Kerry is reporting to duty for once in his senator life for what he hopes is the nomination for 2008. I sincerely hope he wins it, but no matter who does, this is for ever more a moderately conservative country and the DNC is a dead party. Good riddance.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Republicans Pay & Dems Spend

A couple years ago when the Missouri Governor was a Democrat ( Bob Holden ), the state had spent all the reserve money that they knew was due to the tax payers for refunds on Demo-Dumb special interests crap. The Democrat Governor just could not contain himself and spent, spent, spent, the refund money. When it came time to pay the refunds, what did the Gov say? Well it will be six months before we can give you your money back!!!!!! That's over payment of taxes paid, not taxes due.....

Well things have changed in Missouri now that we have a Republican Governor. We sent in our state tax return a couple weeks ago and we had a small refund due. We got the check within two weeks. There is no doubt that we rightfully got our money back quickly because we now have a Republican Governor who refuses to spend more than is in the States checkbook. Every Missouri resident has a budget that they must live within, and it is very refreshing that Missouri finally has a Governor who will hold the bloated State Government accountable to also only write checks that they have the balance to pay for.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Pravda Recognizes Bloggers

Sylvester Brown Jr. of the Pravda Post had a historic article in today's edition. He recognized the bloggers for a correction that they pointed out to him on an early piece and he corrected the incorrect information. How about that, first time in history at the old Pravda Post the New Media got a correction. It is in fact historic stuff.

Blogger Get Press at Pravda

Below is my email to Sylvester Brown

Your article in today’s paper “Bloggers refresh my memory on Bush’s statements before the war”, I found refreshing. The reason I found the column refreshing is that I think you are the first Pravda Post writer that I can recall acknowledging the power of the New Media and then correcting the incorrect statements that the bloggers brought to your attention. That I think is very commendable and shows a rational and understanding of the new media times we live in. It also holds true to the most basic and required of all journalistic principles, that being when you misquote or print information that is not accurate, you retract it and clarify the facts. Well done I say on your part on this point. You don’t agree with their argument on the reasons used to promote the war, but you do acknowledge that your first article on the subject contained incorrect information. That is the most important point of the second article.

The real story for me on your article is not the rest of the content, why Bush promoted military action against Iraq and the good and not so good consequences are all valid conversation points, but what I think is really refreshing is to see a member of the Post put the New Media front and center. The New Media has a huge number of people who are interested in and involved in the reporting of news in our current time. They watch and address issues that are incorrectly quoted, misrepresented or simply have the time honored ultra-liberal talking points. They are not going away, rather are increasing with each day and their impact and foot print are becoming more prominent.

It’s a very good and rewarding thing to have in the media. It helps journalists like you stay true to the facts, sort of like an independent editor board that will investigate the facts post publishing if necessary. It prevents political bias to drive a story unchecked like has happened for so many years in the old media. It’s also the purest form of free expressions and the exchanged of thought and ideas. I don’t think its being too visionary to consider it a Media Revolution of sorts. The New Media would be encouraged and valued I’d think from people in the business who know how important and critical freedom of speech and the sharing of important information is to our society and our democracy. The early results however show most Old Media fear the New Media and shun even mentioning them. You are to be commended I’d say for being the exception to that rule with your Sunday column.

Things will change, things are changing, you have to keep pushing it forward and it will come................................

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dutch Pirates Try To Steal Your Vote

Filibuster from the Dutch word meaning "pirate"..........................

Senate Website

The Senate website gives the tactic a very unflattering view I'd say on their own website. It is clearly a delay tactic by a minority, to not allow the majority ( the people that the majority of Americans elected ) from working on and deciding legislative matters. That's a very bad thing for anyone of average or above intelligence. Any "tool" who's purpose is to delay something as needed and wanted as the Civil Rights Act, is clearly a "tool" of obstructionists who are out of touch with America and what the American people want acted on and "voted" on.

It's only been around since the 1850's do its almost 75 years away from the constitutional base that the ultra-liberals have tried to bestow on it. Listen to the socialists as the Fili is removed and how they try to tie it to the constitution. Sorry, no sell and it is a good change.

What Say The Red's About Fili?

Some pretty hilarious stuff from the communist left at ultra-liberal "Socialist People For The Desired Socialist Way". Communist View of Fili

The target of the nuclear option is the 200-year-old tradition of the Senate filibuster, the tool that empowers 41 or more senators to prevent a narrow majority from abusing its power – and one of the only ways to encourage genuine bipartisan cooperation and compromise on important issues.

So 41% of the Senate should be able to prevent the whole body from voting for something Up or Down? That's crazy and completely a mindset of obstructionists and people very out of touch from the American mainstream. The socialist left looking to "encourage genuine bipartisan cooperation and compromise"? Do they seriously think that anyone with an average to above intelligence level would buy that crap? You know the socialists are desperate when they employee a PR campaign centered on bipartisan cooperation and compromise.

Again and again we see from the past few posts that the Fili ( filibuster ) is not constitutional law as it has been loosely stated by so many in the socialist left when discussing this matter. It is a policy, rule, protocol, and tradition, that no longer is an effective rule and should be changed and will be in a matter of weeks.

Can someone help me and explain the mindset of people who really think that its a good thing that 41% of the Senate should be allowed to prevent an Up or Down vote on any Senate vote? Why would we ever want to prevent an Up or Down vote by the people that we collectively elected to do just that. Mind numbing isn't it?

History of Why The Fili Should Go

More on the filibuster. A little history of what it is and how it works and why it should go away from a former Nixon Cabinet member, and diplomat of the Carter, Bush I and Clinton administrations. Sounds like a pretty objective fellow to me who speaks on what's best for our country, not what's best for a particular political party. Why No More Filibuster?

When Senators filibuster, using parliamentary tactics to block the Senate from voting, they turn democracy on its head. Since the Senate's current rule require three-fifths of the Senate to break a filibuster, 41 members can hold the Senate hostage, even if 59 are ready to take action. The majority must either allow the bill to die, or pay whatever legislative ransom is demanded -- sometimes a multimillion dollar handout for a senator's favorite college or highway, sometimes changes in policy. The Founding Fathers would be appalled to learn that the framework they labored so valiantly to construct had been perverted by the filibuster.

This was written back in 1997, so its a topic and movement that has been around a very long time. And I think it's time has finally come. The minority in any given legislator is the minority for a good reason. The minority should not have the right to use the filibuster and require an unreasonable 3/5 majority to move forward on a bill or candidate.

Filibuster Should Go

The coming vote on banning filibusters on Presidential Judicial Nominations, seems to have the necessary Republican votes needed to win. Votes Needed Gained?

I think its the right thing to do. The filibusters is not constitutional law as the DNC has been trying to paint it. It is rather a Senate "rule" and policy that the Senate put into their working protocol. It might have worked in a less partisan time, but in the current very partisan times it does not.

I say a President who wins, has the right to nominate any candidate they wish to be a judge. They won so they should be able to have any judge voted on. The filibuster prevents the nominee from going to the floor for an up or down vote. I personally think that every judicial candidate of any President should be given an up or down vote from the entire Senate. Why would one not be given such a vote? To be confirmed they still have to get the votes so what rational and logical person would support keeping this "rule" in place?

The filibuster is just an old, out of touch, Washington political smoke and mirror game that is ineffective and should be removed from the game plan. The American people elect the President who picks the nominees. They also elect the Senators and they should vote up or down on every nominee regardless of the job that they were nominated for.

Dead Man Talking

The soon to be "former" Secretary General of the UN is blaming the US and Britain for the Oil for Food scandals. How rich is that? Kofi Annan, his son and posse skimmed millions off the top of the program and now he is pointing the finger at the US and Britain. It's the US & Britian's fault

Time for this little man who is a Big Liar, Thief, and Obstructionist to step down and fade into the life of a retired diplomatic criminal.................

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Thiefs, Liars, & Protectors?

So is not the Berger thief and destroying of classified documents not the worst thing ever? Makes Whitewater look small time. It's inconceivable I mean it is really inconceivable..................

Clinton's National Security Adviser, Kerry's National Security Adviser in waiting, so do you really want the DNC to guard your family and country from the bad guys? There is a definite theme working here do you see it and understand it? Think about that...........

Berger's Dirty Underwear

Yesterday Sandy Berger pleaded guilty to stealing and destroying documents on the warm-up 911 attack. So does anyone still wonder why 3,000+ died in the 911 Attack? If so read what the top Clinton National Security Advisor did:

Berger's Underwear

Probably trying to hid something don't you think? Sticking documents in your socks, underwear and brief case is a pretty telling deal. I linked the CBS page because they were doubting it was true "Big" time back during the election home stretch (7/20/04) and gave the DNC every opportunity to spin it inside out. Kind of scary to read in retrospect isn't it? Read the current report at the end of this blog.

Good old CBS, the MSM and the DNC love to lie to America and stuff the facts in their underwear. Its a tradition...........

So was it an honest mistake? Well per Berger now, no it was not:


Liars and the lies they tell..................

Selective MSM Coverage

An interesting thing happened in the MSM:

No Press for Jess

So I guess if the story of the day does not fit the MSM's political view, then it does not qualify as news and does not get covered in the MSM? Well that's ok, they are simply not that important any longer. They can catch it on a blog like all other informed people do.....

MSM Tribute To The Pope?

So how is the ultra liberal MSM covering the passing of the Pope? Take a look at an informative summary Michelle Malkin has: MSM Pope Tribute

A very sad thing I would say. When you hate God, hate religion, hate values, you don't care about someone like the Pope passing I guess...............................

Friday, April 01, 2005

John Paul God's Blessings To You

John Paul is about to pass. Don't think there is much doubt about where he is headed after his death. That said and not that he needs it, God bless...................

It's ironic I think that the Pope will pass just days after Terri Schavio. Not that they are the same exactly, but that they both will pass at the same general time.

I wonder what impact that will have on the debate. I think that the passing of the Pope will cause the moderate Americans to really review this whole issue and become informed. That I think is a really good thing. After their become involved I think we will see a viable and solid process to deal with the very hard issues that the Schavio case has brought to the fore front.

Pravda Sports Does It Well

As any reader of this blog knows I detest the Pravda Post and their ultra liberal presentation of the news. That said the Sports and Business sections of the Post are very good.

They did a very good job with the NCAA welcome and information edition in today's offering.
Nice Post Piece

Well done to the contributors and whole staff in putting it together. It must be discouraging to be associated with the other half of such a paper. You have my sympathies. You truly do.............

NCAA Tournament Comes To St. Louis

I took my son downtown today for the NCAA Final Four activates. The town is alive and about to rock in a big way. I think that STL is ready to host this big event the right way.

We parked at the airport and I was impressed by the number of visitor help centers in the airport and volunteers every where helping and instructing. Banners and welcoming signs hyping the event made it very noticeably different than normal.

We jumped on the Metro and rode to the Ed Dome to watch the Friday practices. The visitors on the train seemed impressed with the ease of jumping on the train and being transported to the event. The trains were packed by the time we reached the Ed Dome.

The lines were kind of long getting into the practice events but hey it's free and it took about 30 minutes total to get in. The lower bowl was pretty much completely filled and was very, very, orange. I would be surprised if it was not about 60% Illinois when they throw it up on game time.

We watched Michigan State practice and they had the band playing and the atmosphere was great. The team ended the open shooting drills with a dunk-off and everyone was cheering and getting into the really good dunks. All fans regardless of loyalty gave the Michigan State players loud applause after the show.

It's just different with the NCAA tournament, there is just something different about college verses pro. Its a true love of the game and appreciation for it I think.

We hopped back on the train and went back to the airport. There was a buzz and energy every step along the way. TV cameras and vendors every where. People smiling and laughing and you could just feel the anticipation of a great event and a really fun event.

Man, the NCAA Tournament is the best sporting event of all in my mind. My college, Florida State is not in it and it does not matter one bit. If you love college sports and the tradition of the event, it does not matter that your team is here or not.

I think STL will show well, looks like they are ready for it and people will enjoy their stay in the Archway City. We love our home of seven years here in STL and I think the visitors will find out why over the next couple days.