Thursday, April 28, 2005

Help The Network Viewers If You Can

Let's be serious, the network viewers of television are as my grandfather would have said: not the brightest bulbs in the package or the sharpest tool in the shed. Do you agree? Sounds like the dumb network viewers and dumb network management were upset that the sweep shows were not on tonight because of the President's address. God am I glad I no longer get my primary news from TV or Newspapers.

The fact is that only about half of this country is "truly' qualified to vote these days. I support and agree that everyone should be able to vote if they want to and qualify to vote, but in reality 50% of our fellow citizens don't understand enough to effectively vote on the issues and really understand the issues. That I think is a big value that blogs should play going foreword. Present the views of all sides to the average Americans so they have the info they need to make "THEIR" decision .

Newspapers and network TV is done. Blogs and Cable TV will deliver the info that voters need and want going forward. Thats a really good thing I'd say.