Friday, April 29, 2005

Stoners Are Leaving Us - Thankfully

If you are a pacifist and refuse to acknowledge that force must be used at times to defend this sacred liberty that we enjoy and makes our life quality the best in the world you won't like this news:

Time To Bomb Iran?

Closed-door sessions between Iran and senior British, French, German officials failed to resolve Western demands that Iran end efforts to enrich uranium, the key element in building nuclear weapons. Looks like the Europeans loose again and prove to be totally ineffective. Just like WWII, looks like the Chamberlin's weak eye negotiations and diplomacy won't work and we will have to bail them out again. Get use to it, if you have not figured it out we are truly alone on this and the only ones that can do it, and have to do it. Blair has tried to get the parent country to saddle up, but it has become too liberal and too socialist. Don't count on the socialist Brits going forward.

Well then, looks like the "negotiated solution" via non-military means that the ultra liberals socialists have said would work in Iraq a couple years ago and did not, and now they say will work with Iran, have not worked and won't. Newsflash to those folks, Iran wants to develop a nuclear weapon for two reasons. 1) To become the heavy in the middle east now that the crusaders are encamped next door and they are scared as hell ( rightfully so ). 2) They want to destroy Israel and will use a nuclear weapon if they think they can get just a crack in the window to blow Israel off the map.

You don't negotiate with people of this nature, you tell them to either get in line or face the consequences. I have always said that unless the Iranian people take their country back and spark a democratic revolution, then military action in Iran will be the next step in the necessary protection plan to protect the American people and rightfully so.

The other interesting thing for me is that Britain, France and Germany were the lead on this and could not convince the mullahs. Does anyone really trust or think that the European vibes to crisis solutions are really relevant any longer? I wonder what kind of "Oil for Food" Iranian style fraud we will find in the not too distance future. I think there will be some dirty laundry not only on the corrupt French and German side but also the British side. I mean seriously, especially on the consideration of France and Germany, they truly live in a dream land that has not existed since Woodstock and the drug educed fantasy world of the mid sixties.

Speaking of the fantasy world that the sixties brought us, my theory is that the DNC and the MSM was the outplacement source for the children of the sixties who grew older but still lived by their earlier motto, "Drugs, Sex, Peace and Rock & Roll" and of course "Hate America". The good news is that the counter culture stoners are leaving us at a very accelerated rate. A twenty year old boomer who was a sixties flower power stoner is now around 60 years old. Given their life style, its probable that the majority will fade away in the next couple years. They have left "pod children" who have Marley posters, wear dread locks and use lots of drugs, but the clear signal is that they are an increasing minority in our social landscape. They will be the flee market attendees of the mid 2000's selling incense and other crap that no one other than a stoner will want.

American is moving slightly to the right and I think it will comfortably settle in about two clicks right or center (7) on a ten position dial. Sounds like my neighborhood and I like my neighborhood. I think the majority of Americans will like it also, unless they are sixties stoners or pod children of the stoners.

Here is what you really need to know:

Speaking during Friday prayers at Tehran University, Iran's powerful former president Hashemi Rafsanjani said his country will continue "prolonged and fruitless sessions" with the Europeans "with patience and firmness" to convince them that Iran doesn't want to make nuclear weapons.

He added that Iran wanted to have all kinds of nuclear technology for the good of the country, and it would do so "at whatever price it takes."

I say it's time for the Big Bad Bombs................