Friday, April 22, 2005

Republicans Pay & Dems Spend

A couple years ago when the Missouri Governor was a Democrat ( Bob Holden ), the state had spent all the reserve money that they knew was due to the tax payers for refunds on Demo-Dumb special interests crap. The Democrat Governor just could not contain himself and spent, spent, spent, the refund money. When it came time to pay the refunds, what did the Gov say? Well it will be six months before we can give you your money back!!!!!! That's over payment of taxes paid, not taxes due.....

Well things have changed in Missouri now that we have a Republican Governor. We sent in our state tax return a couple weeks ago and we had a small refund due. We got the check within two weeks. There is no doubt that we rightfully got our money back quickly because we now have a Republican Governor who refuses to spend more than is in the States checkbook. Every Missouri resident has a budget that they must live within, and it is very refreshing that Missouri finally has a Governor who will hold the bloated State Government accountable to also only write checks that they have the balance to pay for.