Saturday, April 16, 2005

What Say The Red's About Fili?

Some pretty hilarious stuff from the communist left at ultra-liberal "Socialist People For The Desired Socialist Way". Communist View of Fili

The target of the nuclear option is the 200-year-old tradition of the Senate filibuster, the tool that empowers 41 or more senators to prevent a narrow majority from abusing its power – and one of the only ways to encourage genuine bipartisan cooperation and compromise on important issues.

So 41% of the Senate should be able to prevent the whole body from voting for something Up or Down? That's crazy and completely a mindset of obstructionists and people very out of touch from the American mainstream. The socialist left looking to "encourage genuine bipartisan cooperation and compromise"? Do they seriously think that anyone with an average to above intelligence level would buy that crap? You know the socialists are desperate when they employee a PR campaign centered on bipartisan cooperation and compromise.

Again and again we see from the past few posts that the Fili ( filibuster ) is not constitutional law as it has been loosely stated by so many in the socialist left when discussing this matter. It is a policy, rule, protocol, and tradition, that no longer is an effective rule and should be changed and will be in a matter of weeks.

Can someone help me and explain the mindset of people who really think that its a good thing that 41% of the Senate should be allowed to prevent an Up or Down vote on any Senate vote? Why would we ever want to prevent an Up or Down vote by the people that we collectively elected to do just that. Mind numbing isn't it?