Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bush Makes Me Very Proud

The President addressed the nation this evening in prime time, much to the chagrin of the networks intellectual viewers looking for Survivor, CSI, Without A Trace and O.C. The network that feeds the intellectual network viewers also was not too happy about the timing since it was sweeps week. That aside, those who consider Presidential policy more important than the before mentioned shows got some really good information. I hope the intellectual network viewers will forgive us.

Here are the key points of the press conference as I see it:

I) Social Security is in deep trouble and if Americans don't put political agendas behind us and address the issues, it's going to cost a lot more to fix it five, ten or twenty years from now and suck money way from other needs. The President introduced an aspect of his plan that would increase the benefits of lower income Americans over those of higher income levels. The President stated the pluses of Personal Accounts invested in Treasury Bills only ( Want stocks not T-Bills but hey, lets crawl before we walk).

a) Any sane person knows that Social Security is going broke in 2041 and if it is to continue to be a viable benefit then it has to be reformed. More money going out than money being paid in = broke. Same as your cash flow, if the bills are higher than the income you can't pay for it in liquid cash. What then, well you borrow and go in debt. Not a good plan. The President called everyone out on this point and said "I am willing to listen to any good idea from either party," Bush said, adding that if Congress can set aside politics then "Republicans and Democrats will be able to stand together and take credit for doing what is right for our children and grandchildren." OK Dems, you have once again a big, green and genuine olive branch on the issue and the stated goal to save the program and strengthen it for future generations. What will you do? The President outlined again that those born before 1950, nothing changes so call AARP and tell them to be a positive influence on this issue instead of obstructing it. AARP better pay attention because if they don't, when those now 50 or older leave us, there will be no one replacing them in the AARP ranks if they continuing to obstruct fixing Social Security. I'm going to write AARP and tell them the next three months will decide if I will ever join their organization in the future or not. So 54 year old and older, you got yours and your ok. So do you care about your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren? If so contact your Senator, Rep and AARP.

b) I agree completely with the "Upward Scale" the President introduced this evening. I have always said if I had annual income in my retirement years of $100,000 plus then I would be willing to give up all or certainly some of my Social Security income. Anyone who has the good fortune of having things work out to the tune of six digit retirement income should also be willing to forgo Social Security benefits that they really don't need to help those less fortunate. Only a truly "greedy" person would disagree with that point. So now those on the lower income brackets should wake up from the DNC spell induced sleep and get involved with this reform.

c) The scenario of a couple having one die after paying into Social Security for 40-50 years and then the survivor only getting to pick one of the account to pull from was powerful. How "unfair" would it be to have that happen to you? To see your spouses money go into a dark sucking hole and not available to you when you needed it, that is without a doubt the worst robbery there is.

II) Energy Cost are on everyone's minds and they were on the Presidents tonight. Bottom line, we rely on other people and countries for the energy that drives our economy. That has to end and its time to start the solution. The President outlined a four prong plan: 1) Technology advancements and investments to conserve energy (highbred vehicles). 2) Maximizing current resources ( higher mpg on vehicles ). 3) Developing new and effective energy sources (hydrogen, ethanol, nuclear and bio-diesel). 4) Help developing countries like China and India do be more energy efficient as they develop.

a) All are not only good, but 100% accurate solution for the long term solution to what we face. Nothing really other to add, its that simple. So Greens and Environmentals what do you say? You can't refuse to join this dialogue, right?

b) Toyota and Honda are the only viable option for hybrid vehicles. US auto makers are so far behind the curve that this just might make them join the ranks of the Studebaker and Edsel. They buy the hybrids from Toyota to tell you how far behind they are. Got to get rid of unions and $50 an hour janitors so they can invest in the R&D needed to develop the product that will ride the roads of America for the years to come. Airlines and American Automakers on going down the tubes because of unions and wages out of balance with the free market that should decide those wages. We need new automakers with a Southwest Airlines model.

III) Judicial Nominees are under an attack for being people of "faith" and the most vial insult of all that can be spoken to a person of faith is can you apply the law of the land without your faith influancing your behavior. The President said "I think people are opposing my nominees because they don't like the judicial philosophy of the people I've nominated. And some would like to see judges legislate from the bench. That's not my view of the proper role of a judge," he said, adding that people who want to use their own faith or refer to another's in determining the qualifications of an individual are doing a disservice.

a) Its about the law and that's what the people of "no faith" really fear. As the President said, if we take "legislation from the bench" away, the socialist left has no platform in America any longer aside from Hollywood and the MSM. We have a Republican President of faith, and a Congressional majority of faith, so what do those of no faith have? Legislation from the Bench is all they have. That's about to change and if needed the Dutch Pirate tactic of filibuster will end. A person of faith I say is much more capable of applying the law then someone who has an agenda to wipe faith out of everyone else's public life.

The most personal and poignant part of the Press Conference for me was the following from the President, "As I said, I think faith is a personal issue. And I take great strength from my faith. But I don't condemn somebody in the political process because they may not agree with me on religion." Amen Mr. President, what a strong and accurate statement on faith. I agree totally that faith is the most personal and private of all elements of ones life. I will add to the Presidents statement that it also is completely ok for people of faith to also be active and activists in politics. It is a private matter and should be, but when a party like the DNC and MSM start attacking people of faith then its time for people of faith to become very political and very active. Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot attacked people of faith politically and we all see how that ended up. People of faith need to be active in politics and more than ever right now. I have spoke out about faith more on this blog the past few days than I'm really comfortable doing, but I have no choice. When something so sacred and fundamental is under attack we must defend it. The start point and principle that this country was established under and brought our founding parents here was freedom of religion. That's our countries foundation whether you like it or not. That freedom does not only apply within the walls of our churches or limit us to that place. The freedom we have and rightfully so also applies to our politics and the right to vote for, campaign for, and support elected officials who also are people of faith.

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