Tuesday, April 26, 2005

DNC Lies About Social Security

Theme music and Socialist Washington Dems screaming against Social Security Reform to Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down", to a crowd of government workers who have a better deal than Social Security and don't pay Social Security Taxes, it's very sad and the cracks are breaking on the DNC side thank God.

Only the pilot of the Titanic could be more wrong about the need to changing course than the DNC stance currently held. Polls show that 50% of Americans believe that the plan is in serious trouble. What the balance are thinking about must be AARP mind control. I will never join the AARP even when I get there 20 years from now due to their obstruction of the reforms we need now to make Social Security variable.

Speaking of the AARP, take a look at a great piece by Neil Cavuto of Fox

Open To Fixing It?

If your less than 50 years old you better pay attention to this. If you older than 50 years old you should think of your children and grandchildren and call AARP and tell them to quite lying to the country on this matter.

A failing group always holds a sad rally like the one we saw today. Watch for the right and justifiable squeeze coming on the DNC, its going to be really fun. If the DNC shuts down the government, count Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota in the Republican column.