Monday, April 25, 2005

DNC = Political Death

I'm watching C-Spam and Kerry is on speaking about the Oil Situation. Boy does he look like a total loser. He is missing his mark on almost every sentence. Looking at his notes all the time. This was the polished guy the educated intellecutal? Guess American choose well.

Kerry was such a bad candidate its incredible that he was elected by the DNC. The even more incredible things is that Kerry was a better alternative to Dean, Clinton, Gore and the rest of the gang. It tells you who you are if you lean DNC and vote DNC. It's a very sad, dirty place to live and is a death sentence from the American Mainstream.

I guess Kerry is reporting to duty for once in his senator life for what he hopes is the nomination for 2008. I sincerely hope he wins it, but no matter who does, this is for ever more a moderately conservative country and the DNC is a dead party. Good riddance.