Saturday, April 16, 2005

History of Why The Fili Should Go

More on the filibuster. A little history of what it is and how it works and why it should go away from a former Nixon Cabinet member, and diplomat of the Carter, Bush I and Clinton administrations. Sounds like a pretty objective fellow to me who speaks on what's best for our country, not what's best for a particular political party. Why No More Filibuster?

When Senators filibuster, using parliamentary tactics to block the Senate from voting, they turn democracy on its head. Since the Senate's current rule require three-fifths of the Senate to break a filibuster, 41 members can hold the Senate hostage, even if 59 are ready to take action. The majority must either allow the bill to die, or pay whatever legislative ransom is demanded -- sometimes a multimillion dollar handout for a senator's favorite college or highway, sometimes changes in policy. The Founding Fathers would be appalled to learn that the framework they labored so valiantly to construct had been perverted by the filibuster.

This was written back in 1997, so its a topic and movement that has been around a very long time. And I think it's time has finally come. The minority in any given legislator is the minority for a good reason. The minority should not have the right to use the filibuster and require an unreasonable 3/5 majority to move forward on a bill or candidate.