Saturday, April 02, 2005

Berger's Dirty Underwear

Yesterday Sandy Berger pleaded guilty to stealing and destroying documents on the warm-up 911 attack. So does anyone still wonder why 3,000+ died in the 911 Attack? If so read what the top Clinton National Security Advisor did:

Berger's Underwear

Probably trying to hid something don't you think? Sticking documents in your socks, underwear and brief case is a pretty telling deal. I linked the CBS page because they were doubting it was true "Big" time back during the election home stretch (7/20/04) and gave the DNC every opportunity to spin it inside out. Kind of scary to read in retrospect isn't it? Read the current report at the end of this blog.

Good old CBS, the MSM and the DNC love to lie to America and stuff the facts in their underwear. Its a tradition...........

So was it an honest mistake? Well per Berger now, no it was not:


Liars and the lies they tell..................