Sunday, April 17, 2005

Pravda Recognizes Bloggers

Sylvester Brown Jr. of the Pravda Post had a historic article in today's edition. He recognized the bloggers for a correction that they pointed out to him on an early piece and he corrected the incorrect information. How about that, first time in history at the old Pravda Post the New Media got a correction. It is in fact historic stuff.

Blogger Get Press at Pravda

Below is my email to Sylvester Brown

Your article in today’s paper “Bloggers refresh my memory on Bush’s statements before the war”, I found refreshing. The reason I found the column refreshing is that I think you are the first Pravda Post writer that I can recall acknowledging the power of the New Media and then correcting the incorrect statements that the bloggers brought to your attention. That I think is very commendable and shows a rational and understanding of the new media times we live in. It also holds true to the most basic and required of all journalistic principles, that being when you misquote or print information that is not accurate, you retract it and clarify the facts. Well done I say on your part on this point. You don’t agree with their argument on the reasons used to promote the war, but you do acknowledge that your first article on the subject contained incorrect information. That is the most important point of the second article.

The real story for me on your article is not the rest of the content, why Bush promoted military action against Iraq and the good and not so good consequences are all valid conversation points, but what I think is really refreshing is to see a member of the Post put the New Media front and center. The New Media has a huge number of people who are interested in and involved in the reporting of news in our current time. They watch and address issues that are incorrectly quoted, misrepresented or simply have the time honored ultra-liberal talking points. They are not going away, rather are increasing with each day and their impact and foot print are becoming more prominent.

It’s a very good and rewarding thing to have in the media. It helps journalists like you stay true to the facts, sort of like an independent editor board that will investigate the facts post publishing if necessary. It prevents political bias to drive a story unchecked like has happened for so many years in the old media. It’s also the purest form of free expressions and the exchanged of thought and ideas. I don’t think its being too visionary to consider it a Media Revolution of sorts. The New Media would be encouraged and valued I’d think from people in the business who know how important and critical freedom of speech and the sharing of important information is to our society and our democracy. The early results however show most Old Media fear the New Media and shun even mentioning them. You are to be commended I’d say for being the exception to that rule with your Sunday column.

Things will change, things are changing, you have to keep pushing it forward and it will come................................