Saturday, April 16, 2005

Filibuster Should Go

The coming vote on banning filibusters on Presidential Judicial Nominations, seems to have the necessary Republican votes needed to win. Votes Needed Gained?

I think its the right thing to do. The filibusters is not constitutional law as the DNC has been trying to paint it. It is rather a Senate "rule" and policy that the Senate put into their working protocol. It might have worked in a less partisan time, but in the current very partisan times it does not.

I say a President who wins, has the right to nominate any candidate they wish to be a judge. They won so they should be able to have any judge voted on. The filibuster prevents the nominee from going to the floor for an up or down vote. I personally think that every judicial candidate of any President should be given an up or down vote from the entire Senate. Why would one not be given such a vote? To be confirmed they still have to get the votes so what rational and logical person would support keeping this "rule" in place?

The filibuster is just an old, out of touch, Washington political smoke and mirror game that is ineffective and should be removed from the game plan. The American people elect the President who picks the nominees. They also elect the Senators and they should vote up or down on every nominee regardless of the job that they were nominated for.