Monday, June 06, 2005

Soros Khodorkovsky & Yukos - A Soros Blue Print Move?

An interesting article from Pittsburgh Live on the possible Soros-Khodorkovsky-Yukos connection

Yukos Soros Model?

Interesting points are here in how Khodorkovsky obtained Yukos

There was a lot to investigate. In an auction run by his own bank, Khodorkovsky paid only $309 million for Yukos -- early this year the company was worth $45 billion. In 1998, Khodorkovsky survived charges by U.S. investigators that he had helped launder $10 billion with his own bank and the Bank of New York.

Did you know that Khodorkovsky was President of the Bank that auctioned off the state company that he won the bid on? I did not. It does sound like the hedge fund - value seeking business plan that I have read Soros follows per his play book.

This is interesting

But why should the Russians be bothering America's very own George Soros? Like the bold oligarch that he is, Soros denounced the arrest of Khodorkovsky it's "persecution" that would force business to submit to the Russian state. "I believe that he acted within the constraints of the law in supporting political parties. I am doing the same in the United States."

Just like I'm going in the United States? So who or what is the US Yukos? Sounds like the DNC for now

By this remark, George Soros was reminding us that he had given $10 million to the Democratic National Committee for "regime change" in the 2004 elections. Of course, he is acting within the constraints of the law, in the same way that Khodorkovsky was when he named his charitable organization, the "Open Russia Foundation," and said that there was no connection with the Soros "Open Society Institute" although they did fund some projects together.

Like I said the DNC for now.

Khodorkovsky nabbed Lord Rothschild of London and our own inimitable Henry Kissinger for his board of directors on his Open Russia Foundation. Gifts to American charities began to flow. Khodorkovsky joined the advisory board of the U.S. Carlyle Group, a super rich private equity fund, where he conferred in Moscow with the former Secretary of State James Baker III and former President George H. W. Bush.

James Baker and the Carlyle Group Equity Fund again with a loose Soros connection. That I think is strange and needs some additional review.

More troubling is the Clinton foot print on the Soros position and standing

Prosecutors will have no problems in finding charges against many Russian tycoons involved in the "quick and dirty" privatization programs under Boris Yeltsin in the mid- 1990s. The theory, developed by the Clinton administration, was that once private property was established, the new owners would fight for democracy against a strong Communist challenge.

This is very interesting and way under reported, what ever it actually is........