Friday, June 03, 2005

Lee Publishing Finalizes Purchase of Pulitzer

The purchase of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and Pulitzer by Lee Publishing has been completed. The Post now is owned by Lee

Pravda Sold

Here is what the final Pulitzer owned editorial had to say about the event

Last Pulitzer Editorial

Lets look at that closing paragraph a little closer:

Flying the banner of Lee, the Post-Dispatch will remain a newspaper dedicated to public service, watchdog journalism, exacting standards and the health and prosperity of the region. Under strong new ownership, we will continue to emphasize local news coverage, develop innovative online products and bring service and value to our readers and advertisers. We treasure our past and are excited about our future.

If the Lee owned Post will spend less time focused on their biased "watchdog journalism", then they might just might turn into a real newspaper reporting the news. Watchdog journalism is code for an ultra liberal leaning bias, that drives most of the Post coverage of news.

I hold out hope that the Lee purchase will move the Post from the extreme left position they currently maintain to one more centralized. It would be refreshing and rewarding to have a paper that brought value and truth to its readers instead of a tainted agenda to slant the news to it's own biased views. I hold out hope but understand that moving a mountain requires a miracle and the early indications are that no mountain is going to be moved soon.

Lee Favors Autonomy

Well time will tell and we will just have to see. Here are the people at the Post who decide that the Pravda Post's position will be one of a liberally biased newspaper:

Ellen Soeteber Editor
Terrance Egger Publisher
Matt Kraner General Manager
Arnie Robbins Managing Editor

It is highly unlikely that this gang of four will voluntarily change the way they report the news. However, when you are bought and have a new boss or parent company, things can change. Lets hope they do and for the better. St. Louis would be much better off with a moderate newspaper that did not operate or report based on a liberal biased agenda.