Friday, June 03, 2005

No Koran Flushed In Report

WaPo's Robert Burns apparently has not read Charles Krauthammer article in today's WaPo, that closed the Gitmo argument. Here was Charles article from my earlier post


Burns is still talking about the alleged Koran issues that 75% of us no longer care about


So a soldier 1)kicked the Koran 2) another stepped on a Koran 3) and a guard urinated outside and the urine inadvertently was blown back inside via an air vent "splashed" on a Koran 4) water balloons thrown by a guard slashed water on an unknown number of Koreans and 5) the worst Burns has is that a two word obscenity was written on a Koran (who did it is not listed)

Ok, well I say read Charles' article Robert because A) this is minor, irrelevant and nothing even worthy of printing in the press considering the state of war. B) I simply do not care.

The important thing is that there was "no Koran flushed in a toilet" as Newsweak (sic) reported via their Deep Throat that resulted in several deaths. What we know as a fact is that Newsweak (sic) used false information from a anonymous deepthroat that has cause this whole issue and the death of people.

That's it, that's what happened and the facts. Time for the MSM to start reporting news and doing so responsibly. Unless you have proof of a Koran being flushed down a toilet don't waste my time because that's the only thing that takes Newsweak (sic) and the MSM off the hook for killing people via their new deepthroat source.

No more undermining of our efforts at Gitmo, we are going above and beyond to be sensitive to terrorist murders. There is something very wrong with needing to even write that statement. I simply do not care about the treatment of these people any longer, knowing that we were doing everything right and the liberal left MSM attacked our military and created a story where there was no story. I truly do not care what happens to the Gitmo terrorist going forward.