Sunday, June 05, 2005

Austin Bay's WaPo Robert Burns Review

A good post by Austin Bay on the WaPo Robert Burns article and the 15-5 Koran incidents.

Burns WaPo

My favorite part is this:

The big joke, however, is on all of us who bother discussing the"Koran mishandling issue and that includes Newsweek and its initial Koran flushing report. Our focus is Mickey Mouse, in the pejorative sense Disney despises. The big story is the tragically dysfunctional Arab Muslim Middle East that exports its religious and tribal wars as mass terror. The secondary tragedy is spoiled, privileged fools who fail to realize their beautiful liberty is protected by awkward power and I say awkward, not evil. (Thats an indriect way of telling Noam Chomsky to get a life.) Here's the upside: The US and its allies its overt and covert allies are winning this intricate war, but like a bunch of yammering chumps were catatonic about kicking a Koran and a jerk urinating in a grate in Gitmo. Step back: the urine splashes a terrorist sitting a cell. It's urine, man, not shrapnel, or a 767. Is this My Lai? Is this Nanking? Buchenwald? Stalin? 9/11? The Taliban in full flower? Saddam? How odd and small a focus is this? Will the Boomer Generation ever grow up? Do you have evidence reliable evidence on which to question BG Hoods integrity and the integrity of his report? It turns out in Watergate you've relied on the tips of the Number 2 man in the FBI a Hoover protege.

Well if the boomer generation that makes up a big part of the MSM liberal left never grows up, they have to grow old and move on one way or the other. That's happening now thankfully. The MSM will be better with their departure. WWII gave us the "Greatest Generation" hands down, but their children have given us what I say is one of the worst. How does that happen?