Friday, June 03, 2005

Liers And The Lies They Tell

Powerline had a great post about Sindey Blumenthal of Yahoo ( well the Guardian also apparently)his email address was yahoo. Kind of strange I thought from a Guardian columnist. Here is my letter to Sid Vicious:

A yahoo address thats interesting for a columnist for the Guardian that seems strange for some reason. Anyway, to my point which is that I do not read the Guardian or your column often, I dont find socialist newspapers that relative these days except for posting sad and humorous info for my blog. However I read Powerline everyday usually two or three times. They had a very interesting post this evening reference to your above listed article. I have issues with several points you fabricated in this article but wanted to advise you of the main one.

Your article contains an absolute false statement when you said "Frist, like most Republicans in favor of the nuclear option, had enthusiastically filibustered against Clinton's court nominees, 65 of which were blocked from 1995-2000." As Powerline reader James Green pointed out to you, that is simply false. Frist may have attempted to fili (dutch pirate ) one of Clintons nominees (Richard Paez) but it never came to a fili. I guess you meant to say "Frist intended to issue a fili on a Clinton nominee", but that is not what you printed. You said Republicans filibuster 65 nominees which is completely false. We are still waiting for your first fili validation of the Clinton nominees. So you printed false information. I'm sure you will want to retract or correct your false statement on this matter.

Writing an article that fabricates facts without a retraction or correction makes you a tabloid journalist, sorry you do work for a tabloid that must of hurt a bit. The world is too small to think that you can make up your own facts and run them in your article to support your agenda without being challenged on the fabrications. Should you not be covering the collapse of the EU since you write for a socialist European paper? It would be interesting to read your thoughts on the collapse of the plan you propose that America follow, but thankfully America will always refuse. You're a joke, but you do make for interesting posting. Looking forward to your retraction or correction.

Lets see what proof Sid come up with on his Clinton fili dutch piriate justification.