Monday, June 06, 2005

Soros & The Rothschild Group Rule The World?

Well I will say this, everyone regardless of political leaning seems to have a strong opinion on George Soros.

Those opposed to Globalization see Soros as the great capitalist Satan and the most vulgar of corporate raiders, only he raids former soviet satellite countries and developing countries. Their theories

Financial Network

CIA Agent

Rothschilds Connection

The visible side of the secret network that controls the world. You know the club made up of the leading aristocratic and royal families of Europe, centered in the British House of Windsor. This network, called by its members the Club of Isles, was built upon the wreckage of the British Empire after World War II. The Rothschild British Banking Empire that rules the world via money.

The anti Global gang say Soros is applying the same strategy that was employed by the Club of Isles on the former British colonies, only now in eastern Europe and the former soviet countries as they move towards democracy.

I have no idea if any of this is has one shred of truth, but it is deep in conspiracy that's for sure. This is going to be interesting reading.........