Friday, June 03, 2005

Europe's Failed Socialist Democratic Model

A good article from Gerard Baker of the Times, on the state of affairs in Europe


The summary:

But Europe looked inward, not outward. Instead of focusing on what was needed – American and British-style labour reforms, tax cuts and deregulation — Europe embarked on a quix- otic exercise. It sought to weld a dozen or more disparate countries into an unbreakable economic union, all settled snug and warm under the fraying comfort blanket of expensive welfare systems

Socialist based democracies do not work, and the European counties living in that state are in for some tough time ahead. Again, why does the left in this country push a model of failure like the European Socialist Democratic model at Americans? Why is it important that we do not expand government programs that breed dependency and turn us into European models? Because that model is doomed to failure........