Saturday, December 25, 2004

Black & White World II - Great Gift

Merry Christmas, to all, hope you had a good holiday. Our holiday was very good. A seven and four year old are the true expression of Christmas and they played their role well.

I got lot of nice things myself, but my favorite was the "Black & White World II" by Cox & Forkum ( no offenses family member who gave me other great gifts, but it was my highlight ). I swear that I stopped unwrapping gifts and started reading it until it was pretty much completely read. I skipped a few pages but when I bagged the gift wrapping and floor waste it was about 95% read. Lots of laughing and lots of reaffirmations of the truth.

Cox & Forkum are the true political cartoonists, given the liberal agenda in the MSM today. It makes it all the more funnier and more pointed. It's so right on that it is a must read. It makes all the lib cartoonists look like they are in a time machine transported back to college in the loser 60's & 70's beating their out of date Watergate and Vietnam drum for the other neo-liberal losers.

America is a great place right now, W's huge victory, economy coming back strong, values pushing forward, the death of liberal socialism, and the Red State Rule gaining strength, can you hear it rolling in stronger and stronger? Black & White is a must read for a member of the victory party like myself.

God Bless our troops and may your New Years be a peaceful, prosperous, and rewarding chapter in your life. Special hopes and blessings to our men and woman serving in the armed forces, God bless you and yours. You are why we are free and proudly the beacon for others.