Thursday, December 30, 2004

Asian Tsunami Political Shame Game

It’s a shame that while this terrible tragedy of the Asian Tsunami is still being lived by so many hurt and affected people that some want to make it a political event. The UN started beating that drum one day (see previous post) after the event by putting forth a statement meant to embarrass the one of two men who will not allow them free range, George Bush. The other is Senator Coleman from Minnesota. The UN spokesman stated that the US was cheap and not donating enough, but the next day said that was not the case and that the US had been very generous. Sounds like maybe Kofi called him and said, “Jane we have this whole Oil for Food issue going on so shut-up”. Wise move on his part if he did, since it is in fact the worst fraud committed on an oppressed people by an institution that was suppose to be watching out for them in a long, long time. The Oil for Food scandal was the last nail in the UN coffin from my perspective, they just have no relevance any longer.

Then dear Bill Clinton took a swipe at the man and leader he could never be and criticized Bush for a late and lacking response. Come on Bill, try to remember that you never faced a true crisis in your term and surfed the biggest financial fraud of all time (the internet bubble) your reaction were at times to quick and without values. The “ I feel your pain” line was your political gem, but everyone now knows it was just a political tool and had no real substance. We all know that what you were really talking about feeling was Monica, and that is “like it or not” your true legacy Billy Boy. Say goodnight and retreat to the pastures of irrelevant former liberal leaders and try Plains Georgia if you’re having a hard time deciding where to hang your hat.

Now the UN has issue with the Bush administration deciding that the UN is incompetent and cannot be trusted with this and what is ahead in the Asia relief efforts. Why, well the fact that they embezzled money from starving and poverty-stricken Iraqi’s under the Oil for Food program would be all you really need to know. Can anyone tell me one substantial accomplishment that the UN has had in the past twenty years? I count none.

France was embarrassed into finally donating instead of giving their standard “loans” for third world countries experiencing pain. The French tradition is to loan money for such events and get their hooks into the country instead of just giving the poor people the money to rebuild their lives. A very important distinction between the greedy French way and the generous American way. Like the UN, the French have done nothing in the world theater in years that had any real impact. Bye France, before the end of the second Bush administration you will have no standing in leadership of the world. Not because of any new policies but because under his administration the fact that is the case already will be vividly clear to all.

When the final meters are read, the US will again like always have given more money, strategic support, resources and effective action than anyone else. Why because we are a generous country and people who also care about our fellow man. The UN, French, neo-liberal democratic party, MSM and other neo-liberal countries and intuitions attempt to take a slap at Bush and the US will go down in an ineffective fizzle, because its not true. Truth always outlives propaganda and the socialist propaganda on this one is particularly revolting.

By the way, since the counties effected are heavily Muslim, I would expect Muslim countries to be the lead donators or at the top of the donation list. Do you think that will be the case when the tally is taken? I doubt it, when you have to invest so much in the indoctrinations of the Muslim youth of the world into hate, you have to measure your financial resources don’t you?

The people affected by this horrible disaster don’t need the neo-socialist using them and their horrible situation as a political opportunity. What they need is for everyone to donate money and resources ( countries and people ) to help them stabilize and then rebuild. I donated and regardless of your religion, political convictions, or nationality if your care about your fellow man, woman, and child, you should also donate. Give without any strings or political expectations, give just to help so many people who are hurting and in a really terrible situation. There are no atheists in foxholes, and those in foxholes don’t care what religion, nationality or political persuasion someone has who is helping them.

Update: Did you see that my post was at 9:11? Kind of weird isn’t it?