Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Invite to the Governor's Ball

Well what do you know, I have been invited to the "Governor's Inaugural Ball" for our new Missouri Republican Governor Matt Blunt. That's a great invite, and not only am I invited for my election efforts as a GOP Leader, but so are my wife and kids.

The spoils of political war are sweet and should be enjoyed. Missouri is now part of the the solid Red State coalition. The small blue dots of metro St. Louis and KC are not a factor any longer and no longer have any real influence. It took a lot of hard work from writing letters to the socialist controlled Post Dispatch'ed ( I got published ), to voter registration ( I helped ) , asking friends how they intended to vote ( I counted over 50 swing votes moved to the GOP in that venue ), and door to door solicitation ( did not do that but will next time ). The results were "W" won the state big, Blunt won big, and the state House is controlled by the Republican party of Lincoln. First time those three things have happened in this bell weather state since before the civil war. Missouri is the "true" bell weather state by the way, if you really want to know how the country is going. Times are good indeed in Missouri and why not have a good time and enjoy our success.

I can't wait for my wife and kids to see and be part of this victory, because family values are a big part of the victory. They will have a great time I think and enjoy the time and efforts that I invested and they allowed me to invest, to elect the type of people who will move American forward under our democratic tradition. They already know why I think a socialist democratic party agenda will not work for me, and they agree. We have done the experiment with the kids where we take lots of their allowance as a tax and give them nothing in return and really help no one. They would rather take their money and give it directly to help others, invest for themselves and ensure that socialists like the UN and the Democratic Party do not skim their 15-20% off the top.

To the Ball....................................We go...............