Saturday, December 18, 2004

Lisa M. Montgomery

In my home state of Missouri an act that knocked the Peterson case off the front page of the MSM occurred. An innocent and pregnant young lady was strangled and then her eight month old baby was cut out of her womb. It is hard to even write that because of the hideous act that it was. I can't imagine the whole logistics and unfolding of the act of horror.

How does one human being do that to another one? Of course she is a mentally sick- ill woman who is totally out of the human community. However that is exactly where she lived and killed. Kind of scary isn't it?

The first correlation I thought of was the Iraqi terrorist who cut off the heads of human beings. I thought that as sick and terrible as Lisa M. Montgomery's act was, it is being dealt with appropriately. The system the police the citizens have all rejected this act completely. No one in American stands by her act and no one defends it. Everyones says that it is wrong and can not be allowed to occur.

In the Islamic world there are those who do defend similar acts and drape them in a sick veil of religion. I hope that the Islamic leaders of the world will some day take the same steps that America did this sad day and say "NO', there is no reason to justify such horror and sin. Sin like this does not lead to heaven but rather to a life of pain in the fire pit of hell.

Anyone like Lisa M. Montgomery or Islamic terrorist like those operating in Iraqi and around the world have the same delusions, same excuses and the same unacceptable rational for their actions and existence. God have mercy on Lisa M. Montgomery's soul because she will need it more than most except the Islamic terrorist. Animals are eaten by animals and its a long and painful death.