Monday, December 20, 2004

Death of the Kennedy Effect On Politics

I have not read much analysis on the effect of the JFK relationship to what I believe we saw with W's reelection this fall. That being the political death of the Kennedy political influence.

Teddy was the power man behind the Kerry election. He called the shots, he pulled the strings on the puppet candidate and he decided what would and would not be done. He put is full political weight ( lots more physical rather than political weight ) behind Kerry. His candidate lost and lost badly especially in the South and other moderate states where JFK won. The last thread of the JFK political power and influence was put on the table and leveraged on a Kerry victory.

The Kennedy mystic has won moderate and even conservative votes since the sixties but in a decreasing number until "none really" in 2004. The "Kennedy Well" ran dry for the Democrats in 2004 and that's really bad news for them. The "dream" and I would say the false dream of Camelot has finally been buried. The political reach of the Kennedy mystic has none from here. Time for "full" retirement at the Cape.

I never got the Kennedy effect myself other than the dream world it projected, everyone likes fantasy until it comes home to roost. Of course 9/11 proved that we live in no dream world just like JFK's assassination proved and that I think is the main reason for the shift in America's political leaning soundly to the right and putting the last shovel of dirt on our former Presidents political reach.

Rest in Peace John F Kennedy, and rest in peace the political naivety that it brought on our policies for years. The Peace Core is a good idea, however it will not protect us from the people who really hate us.