Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hate Is A Strong Word

Hate Is A Strong Word, Indeed.......................

This evening when it was time for my seven year old son to take his shower, he was upset because he wanted to watch a show that he was in the middle of viewing. He told me that he "hates" showers and I'm sure that his logic in saying so was that it was interrupting the thing that he really wanted to do. He actually enjoys taking a shower unless it interrupts other more interesting activities. It's the first time however that I have ever heard him use the word "hate".

It took me back and caused me to reflect on the fact that it is in fact a very serious and strong word and I explained to him the seriousness of using such a word. I think he got it and understands that it can be a far worse word to use than a no-no profain one and that its a word that he is probably not ready to decide if its the emotion that truly describes how he is feeling.

After our discussion, I thought of the times that I may have used the word hate in his and his younger sisters company. That's something I'm going to pay a lot more attention to and avoid doing altogether.

Then I focused on the times I have used the word hate and whether it was in fact the correct emotion to assign. First I thought of the times that it probably has been used and was not accurate.

I dislike the way that the MSM promotes liberal bias in it's coverage but that does not truly equate to hate. I dislike and have no respect for people of power in the MSM like Dan Rather who openly promote a socialist liberal political ideology, agenda and party because he is of the same misinformed beliefs. I however do not hate him or the other liberal socialist MSM characters, but I'm sure I have used that description to describe my disgust at times. They and their politics are wrong for our country but hate is too strong of a reaction.

I dislike and have serious issues with the filth and lack of values that Hollywood promotes on our society and to our children but hate here also would be too strong of a word. Its my responsability to raise my children and ensure they have the values and judgments to serve them the rest of their lives. I have no respect and dislike the Michael Moore's and Jimmy Carter's of the word for their dishonest and compromised rhetoric, but if I'm completely honest I don't hate them. It helps to not hate them when I know that most of America also sees through the Hollywood and MSM version of Rather, Moore, and Carter.

Then I though about the things I do truly hate, and hoped that the list would be very short. Thankfully it was in fact short but was of significance and deep.

I hate terrorism of all types and particularly animals like Bin Laden, Al-Zarqawi, Hamas bombers and the members of al Qaeda. People who murder others like these Islamic terrorist have a sinister evil in their deeds alone, but when draped in the veil of religion it is all the more repulsive. Blowing up buildings full of civilians, killing and bombing school children and cutting off the heads of innocent civilians are an insidious crime against humanity. I don't want them reformed or pacified, I want them all dead.

I hate the leaders of totalitarian, communist and socialist countries of the past, present and future who have killed and tortured so many people. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Sadam are so evil and grotesque for the hate and harm they have done. Hell is not good enough for them to repay their crimes.

I also hate people who hurt the most vulnerable of the worlds people. No one should harm another unless under self defense or provocation but those who choose to harm and even kill children and the weak of our society are the same disgusting animals as Bin Laden, Stalin, and Al-Zarqawi. They deserve painful and torturous remaining days.

I hope that the war on terrorism and the police departments of the world will quickly rid the world of the people and institutions that I hate. Then my son will not have the same types of people living on this earth to hate when he is old enough to make that important decision. That is a hopeful but probably not very realistic wish. With that said, we should remove as many of these people and institutions from earth so there are fewer in the future for our children to decide that they too rightfully hate.

Who do you really hate and is justified? Hate is a very strong emotion and word and you might want to validate that the word you are using is justified for the emotion.