Thursday, December 02, 2004

Bush Taps Kerik for DHS Chief

I believe that Kerik is a good choice for Sec of Home Land. He looks to me like a hard core officer and stand-up guy. I think he can get to the bottom of any issue that comes his way and ensure that the proper defensive postures and safeguards are in place, but more importantly will be preemptive when necessary and required. His actions were a big part of helping New York recover from 9/11 and that's a heavy duty resume. Few have his credentials.

He will need those skills because his new job is I think the most difficult one on earth. Protecting us from the islamic terrorists across our entire country is a very hard and difficult road. That said, I think he has the chin, heart, instincts, soul, and overall qualities to provide maximum protection. Maximum protection is not a guarantee, but a comfort that we have a plan and a leader doing the best that can be done. Would you be willing to take that job? Do you have the stuff to accept liability for an attack any where across our broad and porous borders? Think about those job requirements and demands. Is the upside a career builder or the call for a "Patriot"? Hands up for those who are game and have the required qualifications and will sign up for this most difficult job. Probably about less than one hundred people are qualified for this job and Kerik I think is at the front of the line.

Kerik is an MP from his military duty and then trained Special Forces and helped take down the Colombian cocaine cartel operatives in Times Square as a New York Police Officer. He has done anti-terror work in Saudi Arabia so that pretty much sums his qualifications up for me ( military vet, special forces focus, beat cop, anti-terror results before we really knew it was on our shores, Iraqi military-Police trainer, and Medal of Honor NYPD for his valor in responding to 9/11).

I'm sold on Kerik and will not only put the ante in but also will go "All In" betting that he will do a great job. We all have to hope I'm right, Right? I think I am.

Update: Wrong I guess, but I don't know how wrong. Sounds like Kerik had some serious social issues as a husband and father, but he still sounds like the type of person we would want to be in this post as a law officer. He was weak in the family moral forum but as bad as that is, he still might have been the right person for this job.

I mean we had a President in Clinton who had an intern who ( well you know ), and he had no serious issues to deal with. Kerik had very serious issues to deal with and performed well and helped rally America's healing and recovery. I think Kerik will be back, although I think what he did was wrong obviously. What a big cost to pay and he is paying for it and rightfully so.