Thursday, December 30, 2004

Asian Tsunami Political Shame Game

It’s a shame that while this terrible tragedy of the Asian Tsunami is still being lived by so many hurt and affected people that some want to make it a political event. The UN started beating that drum one day (see previous post) after the event by putting forth a statement meant to embarrass the one of two men who will not allow them free range, George Bush. The other is Senator Coleman from Minnesota. The UN spokesman stated that the US was cheap and not donating enough, but the next day said that was not the case and that the US had been very generous. Sounds like maybe Kofi called him and said, “Jane we have this whole Oil for Food issue going on so shut-up”. Wise move on his part if he did, since it is in fact the worst fraud committed on an oppressed people by an institution that was suppose to be watching out for them in a long, long time. The Oil for Food scandal was the last nail in the UN coffin from my perspective, they just have no relevance any longer.

Then dear Bill Clinton took a swipe at the man and leader he could never be and criticized Bush for a late and lacking response. Come on Bill, try to remember that you never faced a true crisis in your term and surfed the biggest financial fraud of all time (the internet bubble) your reaction were at times to quick and without values. The “ I feel your pain” line was your political gem, but everyone now knows it was just a political tool and had no real substance. We all know that what you were really talking about feeling was Monica, and that is “like it or not” your true legacy Billy Boy. Say goodnight and retreat to the pastures of irrelevant former liberal leaders and try Plains Georgia if you’re having a hard time deciding where to hang your hat.

Now the UN has issue with the Bush administration deciding that the UN is incompetent and cannot be trusted with this and what is ahead in the Asia relief efforts. Why, well the fact that they embezzled money from starving and poverty-stricken Iraqi’s under the Oil for Food program would be all you really need to know. Can anyone tell me one substantial accomplishment that the UN has had in the past twenty years? I count none.

France was embarrassed into finally donating instead of giving their standard “loans” for third world countries experiencing pain. The French tradition is to loan money for such events and get their hooks into the country instead of just giving the poor people the money to rebuild their lives. A very important distinction between the greedy French way and the generous American way. Like the UN, the French have done nothing in the world theater in years that had any real impact. Bye France, before the end of the second Bush administration you will have no standing in leadership of the world. Not because of any new policies but because under his administration the fact that is the case already will be vividly clear to all.

When the final meters are read, the US will again like always have given more money, strategic support, resources and effective action than anyone else. Why because we are a generous country and people who also care about our fellow man. The UN, French, neo-liberal democratic party, MSM and other neo-liberal countries and intuitions attempt to take a slap at Bush and the US will go down in an ineffective fizzle, because its not true. Truth always outlives propaganda and the socialist propaganda on this one is particularly revolting.

By the way, since the counties effected are heavily Muslim, I would expect Muslim countries to be the lead donators or at the top of the donation list. Do you think that will be the case when the tally is taken? I doubt it, when you have to invest so much in the indoctrinations of the Muslim youth of the world into hate, you have to measure your financial resources don’t you?

The people affected by this horrible disaster don’t need the neo-socialist using them and their horrible situation as a political opportunity. What they need is for everyone to donate money and resources ( countries and people ) to help them stabilize and then rebuild. I donated and regardless of your religion, political convictions, or nationality if your care about your fellow man, woman, and child, you should also donate. Give without any strings or political expectations, give just to help so many people who are hurting and in a really terrible situation. There are no atheists in foxholes, and those in foxholes don’t care what religion, nationality or political persuasion someone has who is helping them.

Update: Did you see that my post was at 9:11? Kind of weird isn’t it?

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Invite to the Governor's Ball

Well what do you know, I have been invited to the "Governor's Inaugural Ball" for our new Missouri Republican Governor Matt Blunt. That's a great invite, and not only am I invited for my election efforts as a GOP Leader, but so are my wife and kids.

The spoils of political war are sweet and should be enjoyed. Missouri is now part of the the solid Red State coalition. The small blue dots of metro St. Louis and KC are not a factor any longer and no longer have any real influence. It took a lot of hard work from writing letters to the socialist controlled Post Dispatch'ed ( I got published ), to voter registration ( I helped ) , asking friends how they intended to vote ( I counted over 50 swing votes moved to the GOP in that venue ), and door to door solicitation ( did not do that but will next time ). The results were "W" won the state big, Blunt won big, and the state House is controlled by the Republican party of Lincoln. First time those three things have happened in this bell weather state since before the civil war. Missouri is the "true" bell weather state by the way, if you really want to know how the country is going. Times are good indeed in Missouri and why not have a good time and enjoy our success.

I can't wait for my wife and kids to see and be part of this victory, because family values are a big part of the victory. They will have a great time I think and enjoy the time and efforts that I invested and they allowed me to invest, to elect the type of people who will move American forward under our democratic tradition. They already know why I think a socialist democratic party agenda will not work for me, and they agree. We have done the experiment with the kids where we take lots of their allowance as a tax and give them nothing in return and really help no one. They would rather take their money and give it directly to help others, invest for themselves and ensure that socialists like the UN and the Democratic Party do not skim their 15-20% off the top.

To the Ball....................................We go...............

Monday, December 27, 2004

United Nations Says America Is Cheap........

Jane Egeland, undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs basically called the America relief effort for the tsunamis relief efforts cheap. He continued to say a country that only donates 1.0 to 2.0% GNI is stingy and not very generous.

What, the UN asking for more money to use in humanitarian relief efforts and calling the country that donates more money internationally than any other country cheap? The same UN that skimmed millions of dollars from the citizens of Iraqi under the Oil for Food program and lined their pockets and the pockets of other corrupt UN members like France, Russia, and China, wants more money, day one.

Well I think what I would do is give them the entire financial support that we would have normally budgeted for UN adminstrative support in 2005, for this relief effort. After the Oil for Food debacle however, we would of course have to have a US representative oversee all spending. Then I would inform the UN that they will need to call on France, Russia, Germany and China for the normal US budget for UN adminstrative activities. Since we would have spent contribution on the people of South Asia directly and don't have any left for the socialist high brow UN bureaucrats who ineffectively get nothing done in our world any longer. A typical socialist institution that wants to be feed huge amounts of cash, have ridiculously ineffective results and blame others for their lack of success.

Not enough money, because I guess there is just not enough for them to skim their traditional 15-20% off the top. Isn't it time to seriously consider putting the screws to this den of thieves?

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Black & White World II - Great Gift

Merry Christmas, to all, hope you had a good holiday. Our holiday was very good. A seven and four year old are the true expression of Christmas and they played their role well.

I got lot of nice things myself, but my favorite was the "Black & White World II" by Cox & Forkum ( no offenses family member who gave me other great gifts, but it was my highlight ). I swear that I stopped unwrapping gifts and started reading it until it was pretty much completely read. I skipped a few pages but when I bagged the gift wrapping and floor waste it was about 95% read. Lots of laughing and lots of reaffirmations of the truth.

Cox & Forkum are the true political cartoonists, given the liberal agenda in the MSM today. It makes it all the more funnier and more pointed. It's so right on that it is a must read. It makes all the lib cartoonists look like they are in a time machine transported back to college in the loser 60's & 70's beating their out of date Watergate and Vietnam drum for the other neo-liberal losers.

America is a great place right now, W's huge victory, economy coming back strong, values pushing forward, the death of liberal socialism, and the Red State Rule gaining strength, can you hear it rolling in stronger and stronger? Black & White is a must read for a member of the victory party like myself.

God Bless our troops and may your New Years be a peaceful, prosperous, and rewarding chapter in your life. Special hopes and blessings to our men and woman serving in the armed forces, God bless you and yours. You are why we are free and proudly the beacon for others.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

TSA Pat Downs

News today that the TSA will reform the way that they perform "Pat Downs" on woman passengers and will keep searches limited to the "chest perimeter" area. No more searching the cleavage or outer breast area. That sound like a sound idea to me.

I travel usually once or twice a month and have seen woman in my opinion harassed by the TSA. Although there are lots of honorable and good people in the TSA rank, I have seen several that I would have to say lack professionalism and I would not want them holding the power to decided just how far they were going to pat down my wife or another female family member.

Woman pat down woman travelers, but I have seen what I would describe as a power trip element of both woman and men within the TSA ranks. Whether it be a person who is perhaps on the upper-low end of the social spectrum or the lower-middle end, the chance to be in charge and control of other people that they feel are above them or promote that self important attitude has to be a factor. I would suggest that most TSA employees do not have the financial where with all to travel by air more than on occasion. Power can be a corrupting force and that applies to the TSA like anything else. Power corruption can be a down-up thing like the TSA and collective unions have proven, not just an up-down senario.

Shortly after 9/11 I got on a list since I was traveling weekly and must have taken a one way flight. After that I was pulled out of line for a search every flight ( every single flight for six months ) and if it was a transfer I was pulled out on the connection. It was not convenient and I did not like it but after awhile I just had fun with the TSA. My favorite deal was to wear a really old and smelly pair of leather sole sandals for the shoe screening. I only wearied them for the screening and changed into another non-offending pair of shoes after the screening. I got more than my share of satisfaction from that alone. These sandals were work in the yard, sweat laden nasty things.

The TSA spends about 99.9999% of their time searching upstanding and law abiding citizens and visitors. Its an important job but it is a hassle for the passengers and I think there could be many improvements to the whole process starting with some common sense and basic investigative tactics . But its unconstitutional to "profile" so elderly citizens, kids, professionals, all americans of all backgrounds, and other very low risk passengers will continue to be given the once over in a less than user friendly setting.

Seems like a random selection of non-Muslims/non-Arabs and all suspicious non-Muslims and then any Muslim or Arab traveler, would be a better process. Profiling of likely terrorist airline passengers just makes sense and would provide more time for the type of searches that high risk candidates pose. Would kind of be a hassle if you were Muslim or an Arab, but they could always wear old, smelly, leather sole sandals and laugh to themselves like I did. Seems like a reasonable thing all in all...............

Monday, December 20, 2004

Death of the Kennedy Effect On Politics

I have not read much analysis on the effect of the JFK relationship to what I believe we saw with W's reelection this fall. That being the political death of the Kennedy political influence.

Teddy was the power man behind the Kerry election. He called the shots, he pulled the strings on the puppet candidate and he decided what would and would not be done. He put is full political weight ( lots more physical rather than political weight ) behind Kerry. His candidate lost and lost badly especially in the South and other moderate states where JFK won. The last thread of the JFK political power and influence was put on the table and leveraged on a Kerry victory.

The Kennedy mystic has won moderate and even conservative votes since the sixties but in a decreasing number until "none really" in 2004. The "Kennedy Well" ran dry for the Democrats in 2004 and that's really bad news for them. The "dream" and I would say the false dream of Camelot has finally been buried. The political reach of the Kennedy mystic has none from here. Time for "full" retirement at the Cape.

I never got the Kennedy effect myself other than the dream world it projected, everyone likes fantasy until it comes home to roost. Of course 9/11 proved that we live in no dream world just like JFK's assassination proved and that I think is the main reason for the shift in America's political leaning soundly to the right and putting the last shovel of dirt on our former Presidents political reach.

Rest in Peace John F Kennedy, and rest in peace the political naivety that it brought on our policies for years. The Peace Core is a good idea, however it will not protect us from the people who really hate us.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Lisa M. Montgomery

In my home state of Missouri an act that knocked the Peterson case off the front page of the MSM occurred. An innocent and pregnant young lady was strangled and then her eight month old baby was cut out of her womb. It is hard to even write that because of the hideous act that it was. I can't imagine the whole logistics and unfolding of the act of horror.

How does one human being do that to another one? Of course she is a mentally sick- ill woman who is totally out of the human community. However that is exactly where she lived and killed. Kind of scary isn't it?

The first correlation I thought of was the Iraqi terrorist who cut off the heads of human beings. I thought that as sick and terrible as Lisa M. Montgomery's act was, it is being dealt with appropriately. The system the police the citizens have all rejected this act completely. No one in American stands by her act and no one defends it. Everyones says that it is wrong and can not be allowed to occur.

In the Islamic world there are those who do defend similar acts and drape them in a sick veil of religion. I hope that the Islamic leaders of the world will some day take the same steps that America did this sad day and say "NO', there is no reason to justify such horror and sin. Sin like this does not lead to heaven but rather to a life of pain in the fire pit of hell.

Anyone like Lisa M. Montgomery or Islamic terrorist like those operating in Iraqi and around the world have the same delusions, same excuses and the same unacceptable rational for their actions and existence. God have mercy on Lisa M. Montgomery's soul because she will need it more than most except the Islamic terrorist. Animals are eaten by animals and its a long and painful death.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hate Is A Strong Word

Hate Is A Strong Word, Indeed.......................

This evening when it was time for my seven year old son to take his shower, he was upset because he wanted to watch a show that he was in the middle of viewing. He told me that he "hates" showers and I'm sure that his logic in saying so was that it was interrupting the thing that he really wanted to do. He actually enjoys taking a shower unless it interrupts other more interesting activities. It's the first time however that I have ever heard him use the word "hate".

It took me back and caused me to reflect on the fact that it is in fact a very serious and strong word and I explained to him the seriousness of using such a word. I think he got it and understands that it can be a far worse word to use than a no-no profain one and that its a word that he is probably not ready to decide if its the emotion that truly describes how he is feeling.

After our discussion, I thought of the times that I may have used the word hate in his and his younger sisters company. That's something I'm going to pay a lot more attention to and avoid doing altogether.

Then I focused on the times I have used the word hate and whether it was in fact the correct emotion to assign. First I thought of the times that it probably has been used and was not accurate.

I dislike the way that the MSM promotes liberal bias in it's coverage but that does not truly equate to hate. I dislike and have no respect for people of power in the MSM like Dan Rather who openly promote a socialist liberal political ideology, agenda and party because he is of the same misinformed beliefs. I however do not hate him or the other liberal socialist MSM characters, but I'm sure I have used that description to describe my disgust at times. They and their politics are wrong for our country but hate is too strong of a reaction.

I dislike and have serious issues with the filth and lack of values that Hollywood promotes on our society and to our children but hate here also would be too strong of a word. Its my responsability to raise my children and ensure they have the values and judgments to serve them the rest of their lives. I have no respect and dislike the Michael Moore's and Jimmy Carter's of the word for their dishonest and compromised rhetoric, but if I'm completely honest I don't hate them. It helps to not hate them when I know that most of America also sees through the Hollywood and MSM version of Rather, Moore, and Carter.

Then I though about the things I do truly hate, and hoped that the list would be very short. Thankfully it was in fact short but was of significance and deep.

I hate terrorism of all types and particularly animals like Bin Laden, Al-Zarqawi, Hamas bombers and the members of al Qaeda. People who murder others like these Islamic terrorist have a sinister evil in their deeds alone, but when draped in the veil of religion it is all the more repulsive. Blowing up buildings full of civilians, killing and bombing school children and cutting off the heads of innocent civilians are an insidious crime against humanity. I don't want them reformed or pacified, I want them all dead.

I hate the leaders of totalitarian, communist and socialist countries of the past, present and future who have killed and tortured so many people. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Sadam are so evil and grotesque for the hate and harm they have done. Hell is not good enough for them to repay their crimes.

I also hate people who hurt the most vulnerable of the worlds people. No one should harm another unless under self defense or provocation but those who choose to harm and even kill children and the weak of our society are the same disgusting animals as Bin Laden, Stalin, and Al-Zarqawi. They deserve painful and torturous remaining days.

I hope that the war on terrorism and the police departments of the world will quickly rid the world of the people and institutions that I hate. Then my son will not have the same types of people living on this earth to hate when he is old enough to make that important decision. That is a hopeful but probably not very realistic wish. With that said, we should remove as many of these people and institutions from earth so there are fewer in the future for our children to decide that they too rightfully hate.

Who do you really hate and is justified? Hate is a very strong emotion and word and you might want to validate that the word you are using is justified for the emotion.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Bush Taps Kerik for DHS Chief

I believe that Kerik is a good choice for Sec of Home Land. He looks to me like a hard core officer and stand-up guy. I think he can get to the bottom of any issue that comes his way and ensure that the proper defensive postures and safeguards are in place, but more importantly will be preemptive when necessary and required. His actions were a big part of helping New York recover from 9/11 and that's a heavy duty resume. Few have his credentials.

He will need those skills because his new job is I think the most difficult one on earth. Protecting us from the islamic terrorists across our entire country is a very hard and difficult road. That said, I think he has the chin, heart, instincts, soul, and overall qualities to provide maximum protection. Maximum protection is not a guarantee, but a comfort that we have a plan and a leader doing the best that can be done. Would you be willing to take that job? Do you have the stuff to accept liability for an attack any where across our broad and porous borders? Think about those job requirements and demands. Is the upside a career builder or the call for a "Patriot"? Hands up for those who are game and have the required qualifications and will sign up for this most difficult job. Probably about less than one hundred people are qualified for this job and Kerik I think is at the front of the line.

Kerik is an MP from his military duty and then trained Special Forces and helped take down the Colombian cocaine cartel operatives in Times Square as a New York Police Officer. He has done anti-terror work in Saudi Arabia so that pretty much sums his qualifications up for me ( military vet, special forces focus, beat cop, anti-terror results before we really knew it was on our shores, Iraqi military-Police trainer, and Medal of Honor NYPD for his valor in responding to 9/11).

I'm sold on Kerik and will not only put the ante in but also will go "All In" betting that he will do a great job. We all have to hope I'm right, Right? I think I am.

Update: Wrong I guess, but I don't know how wrong. Sounds like Kerik had some serious social issues as a husband and father, but he still sounds like the type of person we would want to be in this post as a law officer. He was weak in the family moral forum but as bad as that is, he still might have been the right person for this job.

I mean we had a President in Clinton who had an intern who ( well you know ), and he had no serious issues to deal with. Kerik had very serious issues to deal with and performed well and helped rally America's healing and recovery. I think Kerik will be back, although I think what he did was wrong obviously. What a big cost to pay and he is paying for it and rightfully so.

Well, my first post on my first blog, this should be a fun adventure. I’m looking forward to it! My hope is to provide a perspective on local, national and world wide events that the majority of MSM coverage does not provide, objectivity and consideration of non-liberal ideology.

The home base is St Louis MO, which I moved to from Central Florida seven years ago. I’m a native Floridian and most people find it humorous when I reveal that and they discover that I moved out while so many are moving in. I love St Louis and the Midwest in general, but tell friends that I miss the water in Florida, family and friends and my main complaint about St Louis is that it has one newspaper and it is more liberal than the New York Times. The St Louis Post Dispatch can be an extremely painful read for anyone who is not an ultra-liberal, when it comes to anything that intersects with politics. The Editorial page, and the Op-Ed pages aside from syndicated works of moderate leaning journalists is like waking up in Berkley with a bunch of Moon Bats ranting away. So, hopefully others who are in the same position of reading the Post for local news coverage will now have a venue to discuss and consider a more balanced and moderate viewpoint.

Nationally and Internationally I hope this blog will provide a venue for discussions that provide alternatives to the views and political biases that defines the coverage of television sources CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS. Likewise for newspaper sources St. Louis Post Dispatch, LA Times, NYT, and other standard bearers of the liberal gospel.

Ones political leanings define how they view the world and their perspective of how the news of the world is being covered and offered back to the consumers. I would define myself politically as a Moderate Conservative. I have varying opinions along the political spectrum and some are surprisingly liberal I suppose, but those views are rare and my core is solidly at the Moderately Conservative intersect I would say. It’s a good place to be I think and I’m real comfortable with that being my base. I do think it is important to consider others views and challenge your own when appropriate and needed. Doing so can bring growth and a heightened perspective. Thank God that 99.9% of the time after I consider a liberal point of view I accurately conclude that they are simply wrong and misinformed, and my slightly conservative position is Right!

Well we shall see what happens here, hopefully this blog will be of value and provide a purpose for not only me but others as well. Time to respond to one of the misguided Op-Ed journalibs at the Post Dispatch who has responded to my email about his article on Dan Rather. It was a revolting piece holding Dan Rathergate up as a hero and someone who we should all be very thankful for. Pardon me but a partisan hack job like Dan Rathergate deserves nothing but scorn and now laughter and ridicule for his deserved fall on the sword. For a really good perspective on Dan Rathergate-Hurricane-What’s the Frequency Kenneth’s fall, read Peggy Noonan’s piece in the WSJ. I didn't post a link, like I said first day and first blog, but check out the Noonan piece.