Thursday, December 02, 2004

Well, my first post on my first blog, this should be a fun adventure. I’m looking forward to it! My hope is to provide a perspective on local, national and world wide events that the majority of MSM coverage does not provide, objectivity and consideration of non-liberal ideology.

The home base is St Louis MO, which I moved to from Central Florida seven years ago. I’m a native Floridian and most people find it humorous when I reveal that and they discover that I moved out while so many are moving in. I love St Louis and the Midwest in general, but tell friends that I miss the water in Florida, family and friends and my main complaint about St Louis is that it has one newspaper and it is more liberal than the New York Times. The St Louis Post Dispatch can be an extremely painful read for anyone who is not an ultra-liberal, when it comes to anything that intersects with politics. The Editorial page, and the Op-Ed pages aside from syndicated works of moderate leaning journalists is like waking up in Berkley with a bunch of Moon Bats ranting away. So, hopefully others who are in the same position of reading the Post for local news coverage will now have a venue to discuss and consider a more balanced and moderate viewpoint.

Nationally and Internationally I hope this blog will provide a venue for discussions that provide alternatives to the views and political biases that defines the coverage of television sources CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS. Likewise for newspaper sources St. Louis Post Dispatch, LA Times, NYT, and other standard bearers of the liberal gospel.

Ones political leanings define how they view the world and their perspective of how the news of the world is being covered and offered back to the consumers. I would define myself politically as a Moderate Conservative. I have varying opinions along the political spectrum and some are surprisingly liberal I suppose, but those views are rare and my core is solidly at the Moderately Conservative intersect I would say. It’s a good place to be I think and I’m real comfortable with that being my base. I do think it is important to consider others views and challenge your own when appropriate and needed. Doing so can bring growth and a heightened perspective. Thank God that 99.9% of the time after I consider a liberal point of view I accurately conclude that they are simply wrong and misinformed, and my slightly conservative position is Right!

Well we shall see what happens here, hopefully this blog will be of value and provide a purpose for not only me but others as well. Time to respond to one of the misguided Op-Ed journalibs at the Post Dispatch who has responded to my email about his article on Dan Rather. It was a revolting piece holding Dan Rathergate up as a hero and someone who we should all be very thankful for. Pardon me but a partisan hack job like Dan Rathergate deserves nothing but scorn and now laughter and ridicule for his deserved fall on the sword. For a really good perspective on Dan Rathergate-Hurricane-What’s the Frequency Kenneth’s fall, read Peggy Noonan’s piece in the WSJ. I didn't post a link, like I said first day and first blog, but check out the Noonan piece.