Thursday, November 03, 2005

Missouri Rep Wants To Tax Umpires for Bad Calls

A Missouri State Representative wants to tax Baseball Umpires:

Tax the Umps

Per the Post Dispatch:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) -- A state lawmaker and Cardinals baseball fan says umpires should pay -- literally -- for what he sees as bad calls made during the playoff series in which the St. Louis Cardinals lost to the Houston Astros.

Rep. Jeff Roorda, D-Barnhart, wants to expand the state athlete and entertainer tax to also cover officials such as umpires and referees. The tax is charged to out-of-state residents who earn money in Missouri while performing in such events as baseball games and concerts. The revenues are supposed to go to the arts, public libraries and other cultural programs.

No it’s not a joke, this guy is serious. Talk about taking a game way to seriously, my goodness. And it makes me wonder, if the tax is passed do you think the calls against the Cardinals will get better or worse? Could lead to a taxing rebuke from the old umpires don’t you think…………….