Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dems Call For Closed Door Senate Show

The Senate Democrats are unhappy that the Plame investigation rang much hollower than they had hoped so they have pulled a political ploy out of their bag to try and create some traction after none materialized. Only the Libby charge and not for outing Plame but rather perceive false information given during the investigation. This was not the end game that the Dems had hoped for and they are not taking it well:

Closed Doors

Although it’s a political game that the Democrats are playing, it’s a dangerous one for them alone I’d say. The majority of Americans have moved on from the intelligence leading up to Iraq for a host of justifiable reasons. Everyone’s in the region and worlds intelligence was incorrect about WMD, and the American people understand that and justifiably don’t hold the Administration in a negative standing because of those facts.

No traction for the Dems so they are trying to manufacture traction. Only problem is they are working with a very slick spot where instead of gaining that traction they are more likely to spin out of control…………………………..