Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Alito Does Not Swing Like O'Connor Swings

Charles Lange of WaPo has an article up that explores the way that Alito “swings” verses how O’Connor “swings”…………….Not a very attractive thought if taken in a certain context, however what Lange is focused on is the astounding revelation that Altio is more conservative than O’Connor. Is that so…………………


The most interesting thing for me in this whole debate is those on the left who think that somehow there is some unwritten requirement that the court remain exactly where it is. Of course that it not the requirement and has no standing in this argument. The court has shifted many times in its outlook and rulings over the years and it is about to do so again.

Those who base their argument that O’Connor’s replacement has to be a carbon copy of her and her prior rulings are out of touch. The President by virtue of being the President gets to select his candidates for the opening. They will and should have a judicial grounding that is reflective of the Presidents own. In this case strong constitutionalists who will not legislate from the bench.

Sorry folks that is how it works and that is how it will work with the Alito nomination, and unless something “extraordinary” comes out on Alito ( and no, a pubic hair on a soda can will not qualify as extraordinary ), Alito will probably be confirmed.