Thursday, November 03, 2005

US Outlines Plans for Saudi Coup Military Response

World Tribune has an article up that reports on The House Armed Services Committee’s response to a Saudi coup and the resulting US military action:

Saudi Plans

Per the report:

The scenario was outlined by Michael O'Hanlon, a senior fellow of the Brookings Institution, who cited a Saudi coup as one of several threats to the United States.

"How should the United States respond if a coup, presumably fundamentalist in nature, overthrows the royal family in Saudi Arabia?" O'Hanlon asked. "Such a result would raise the specter of major disruption to the oil economy." The response could include the deployment of three U.S. Army divisions backed by fighter-jets and airborne early-warning and alert aircraft. In all, the U.S.-led mission could include up to 300,000 troops.

Congressional sources said the House hearing, which focused on future threats in the Middle East and other regions, marked increasing U.S. concern of Saudi instability. They said the open hearing echoed a series of briefings on Saudi and Gulf Arab instability given by non-government analysts to the State Department, Defense Department and National Security Council since 2002.

A US military action in the Middle East that was 100% about oil and stabilizing the world economy and pretended to be nothing other…………………Wonder what kind of support it would have? With the prospect of $15 per gallon gasoline, I’m guessing it would garner wide and strong support……………………………….