Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Iran to Recall all Pro-Reform Diplomats and Replace

Not to overstate the obvious, but things are moving very much in the wrong direction within Iran. It is a very extreme Islamic country controlled by a very extreme Islamic hard line government. Today they have announced steps to remove diplomats with warm to workable ties with the West, and replace them with ultra hard-line radicals that more accurately reflect the government itself:


The new Puppet President of the ultraconservative government is purging the ranks of pro-reformers and moving the country further into isolation and the Stone Age:

Ahmadinejad has taken a tougher line on a number of issues, particularly negotiations with Britain, France and Germany over Iran's controversial nuclear program. Hard-liners have criticized Khatami's government for agreeing to freeze much of the country's atomic activities during the talks, and Ahmadinejad already has replaced much of the negotiating team with hard-liners.

Why the world should be concerned of an Iran with nuclear weapons?:

The new president, elected in June, also generated a storm of international criticism last week when he called for Israel's eradication, saying it should be "wiped off the map."

Nothing better to “eradicate” or “wipe off the map” a country that you disagree with or have issues with like a nuclear bomb. Without a doubt the top weapon choice for just such a task………….