Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bush & Chavez To Have A Discussion

Sounds like communist Venezuela President Hugo Chavez thinks he has some balls. He told reporters that President Bush is afraid of him and that he might sneak up behind the President and scare him:


Aside from the fact that Red Chavez would have a secrete service slug in his head if he tried such a stunt, he talks big in the press but is a sad puppy when its time to go. Chavez is so worried about getting a slug in his head that he had his military stage a mock US military invasion of Venezuela today:

US Invasion

Per the AP:

........on Thursday, the same day Venezuela staged a mock U.S. invasion of its own territory. The event is the latest exercise intended to prepare soldiers and civilian volunteers for what Chavez says is a possible attack by American troops.

If I was Bush I'd walk up to comrade Chavez and ask, "how did the US invasion exercise go"? Chavez would probably stammer and sweat his way into saying "great"! Then I'd say we were watching it also and we don't think it went so well and think that you are a 10 day exercise.

Here have a Che Guevara T-Shirt, the one of him dead on a board with a big hole in his chest. You can use it to wipe up the wet spot on the floor that you leaked Mr. Chavez........................