Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day Seven of French Intifada

Day seven of the French Intifada continued with escalated violence:


Per Fox & the AP:

France's government faced mounting pressure Thursday as suburban unrest spread, with youths setting fire to a car dealership and public buses in battles with riot police, who reportedly came under gunfire.

Many in the French government however are still blaming France for the troubles:

Minister of Social Cohesion Jean-Louis Borloo said the government had to react "firmly" but added that France must also acknowledge its failure to have dealt with anger simmering in poor suburbs for decades. "We cannot hide the truth: that for 30 years we have not done enough," he told France-2 television.

Not all French officials however are blaming themselves:

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin called a series of emergency meetings with government officials throughout the day Thursday, including one with Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been accused of inflaming the crisis with his tough talk and police tactics. Sarkozy has called troublemakers "scum" and vowed to "clean out" troubled suburbs.

They better check Sarkozy's papers, because he does not sound like a Frenchman to me……………………..