Thursday, November 03, 2005

French Intifada Rages On - Sarkozy Is Cracking Down

The French Intifada is raging on this evening and spreading. It is also organized per French officials:

French Intifada

Seems that Nicolas Sarkozy is the only official who really has a clue that they have entered into a French Intifada:

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday that the riots in several Paris suburbs over the previous night were "not spontaneous" but rather "well organized."

"What we saw in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis overnight was not spontaneous, it was perfectly organized. We are looking into by whom and how," Sarkozy told French news channel i-tele.

The interior minister also said the government would not allow "troublemakers, a bunch of hoodlums, think they can do whatever they want" in the country.

As I posted earlier Sarkozy does not seem like your average Frenchman and I'd say he is exactly who should be in control of this. Sarkozy If things continue to go as bad as they are currently, look for Sarkozy to be the next President of France as they finally wake up from their silly dream..............................