Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chester On Operation Quick Strike

More on the Operation Quick Strike from Chester:


It does appear to be a big deal and a major move by the joint American and Iraqi military forces. As Chester summarizes:

This operation is meant to sever the operational rear of the insurgency. The Iraqi government will gain control of the border area over the next 60 days and its influence will begin to slowly creep eastward. Terrorists will have to choose -- to die in battle, to flee to Syria, or to displace further and further east as the Coalition steamrolls behind them. This will not be a single decisive battle, like Fallujah, but will instead be a campaign of decreasingly lethal skirmishes. US Marines and some Army troops will form a shock force, but will leave the after-battle cleanup and establishment of law and order to Iraqi battalions and brigades -- a joint operation that will highlight the competencies of the US and the Iraqis both. In the process, the Iraqi units will gain valuable combat experience.

I posted on Belmont Club's post earlier and it fits in with this one:

Belmont Club

Sounds like breaking the back of the insurgency is the aim, and it sounds promising what could come be in fact where we are headed here..............