Sunday, August 07, 2005

Seminole Tribe & Florida State Set To Sue NCAA On Over Reach

Well the following comes from a Florida State University class of 1988 graduate. A football season ticket holder since 1992, even though the past eight years my home town has been St. Louis, Missouri. And a person who aside from the connections described in the first two sentences, is just simply feed-up with and generally sick and tired of the over reaching and over bearing politically correct crap coming out of the college academia.

This weekend the NCAA announced that they themselves are "feed-up" with hostile and abusive American Indian ( isn't the politically correct name Native American?) nicknames and took action. Per the Orlando Sentinel:


Summary of the NCAA over reach:

The NCAA on Friday took its strongest stance yet against American Indian mascots and imagery, announcing that 18 schools -- including Florida State -- cannot host postseason competition as long as their current names and logos are in place. They must also cover up or remove references to those logos when traveling to NCAA championships.

So can someone tell me why the Fighting Irish are not included in this ban? Not that I think they should be, I don't, but is it not the same thing? It's because the Politically Correct Police in our society do not consider those of Irish Anglo decent to be covered. Although I'm sure we could find a small minority of Irish Americans who are God forbid, insulted by the mascot........................

I can not speak for other colleges that have a Native American mascot but I can for FSU. The university has the "endorsement" of the Seminole tribe of Florida to promote the name and tradition. We have a long history, 50+ years, of promoting a positive Native American history via Chief Osceola and the Seminole tribe. This is a partnership and not a case of "hostile" or "abusive" actions. Chief Osceola is a revered and honored mascot and the affiliation with the Florida Seminole tribe is a great and honorable one. This is a case of Politically Correct Police (PCP) going way out of control and over reaching in the worst way. The Seminole tribe of Florida is the only American tribe that never surrendered to the United States government. It is in fact a "Sovereign Nation". Per the Miccosukke Florida Seminole website, "The Last And Only Fully Sovereign Nation In North America".

Sovereign Miccosukke Seminole Nation

That proud, independent and determined history of the Seminole tribe is honored by Florida State and the soul of the mutually rewarding partnership that the tribe values and the university values and both want to continue. So what did the Florida Seminole tribe have to say about this PCP - NCAA action:

While many advocacy groups were celebrating the decision Friday, the Seminole Tribe of Florida joined Florida State in its anger. "You have non-natives making a decision about native names," said Max Osceola, a member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida's tribal council. "Maybe it took them four years, but it's been a lifetime we've been known as the Seminoles."

Well said and it is their name and history to share as a proud tribe with those they want to share it with. It's not the decision of non-natives like the NCAA ( notice Osceola is Max's last name - It is his ancestor Chief that FSU honors )it is legally the right of the tribe to make that decision.

Seems that the Oklahoma Seminoles don't like the use of the name. The tribe that unlike the Florida Seminoles, stopped resisting and went to the reservation and surrendered. Perhaps they don't get the whole thing and the reason that the Florida Seminoles are a partner with FSU. Perhaps it is envy and they want to be Florida Seminoles. It's a completely different tribe with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT history than the Florida Seminole tribe. Florida State partners with the Miccosukee Florida Seminole tribe for a history that is a positive and uplifting. The Oklahoma Seminoles have a different story to tell, but Florida State is not asking them to tell it via our university. I really don't understand why Native Americans of all tribes are not completely up in arms over this. A positive and respectful relationship that celebrates the will of a great people, is one of a handful of great partnerships in the history of American relationship with Native Americans. That said, per the Oklahoma tribes spokesman:

"That is great news and wonderful to hear. The whole movement is going in the right direction now," said David Narcoses, a member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma who has been lobbying Florida State for years.

Well my university is the Florida State Seminoles, not the Oklahoma Seminoles or Oklahoma State Seminoles. The Sovereign Nation of Seminoles in Florida wants this relationship to continue as does the university and the alumni. It should continue even if we change the name to the Miccosukee Seminoles. We should not have to do that, and heavy legal action is on it's way to this insane and illegal ruling against the Florida Seminole tribe and Florida State. Per FSU President T. K. Wetherall:

said in a statement that he intends to pursue "all legal avenues" to overturn the decision, and he pointed to a resolution passed June 17 by the Seminole Tribe of Florida embracing the university's use of the Seminole name and imagery. "That the NCAA would now label our close bond with the Seminole people as culturally 'hostile and abusive' is both outrageous and insulting," Wetherell said. "The rules as we understand them would have us cover the Seminole name and symbol as if we were embarrassed, and any committee that would think that is a proper and respectful treatment of Native Americans should be ashamed."

I think the right thing to do is a "joint" law suit with the Florida Seminole tribe as the lead plaintiff. How could any jury or court not rule in favor of a tribe that brings to the court a movement to rule this law unconstitutional on their behalf? It has to be unconstitutional to tell a people, here the Florida Seminoles, that they can not allow an institution to promote them, their Chief, and their tribe as the honored representative/mascot.

This ruling by the NCAA is going to be ruled illegal I say. It also could become the beginning of the end of the NCAA as we currently know it. That's another post for another time, but I think this will be the benchmark ruling that marks the beginning of the end for the NCAA.

I've been thinking that if say 25,000 FSU alumni all filed suit against the NCAA at the same time on this matter, it would without a doubt bankrupt them, and they would not be able to respond in court. I think there are probably more than 25,000 people like myself who would be willing to do so and have the means to do so. It's an option that should be considered in conjunction with the Seminole tribe and FSU coming litigation. Hit the NCAA with a "Shock & Awe" that will show them the door with the Political Correct Police leading the march of boxes..................

The Political Correct Police have made a really big mistake on this one and are going to be defeated strongly on this like the fools they are. Lets hope it's the start of a bigger move on the Political Correct Police in the academic towers as well.


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