Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Poll Shows Giulani or McCain Over Clinton 50%-45%

Gallup has a poll out that shows the polling results for the front runners in the 2008 Presidential election via E&P:


Favorable Ratings

Rudy Giulani 64%
Hillary Clinton 53%
John McCain 51%
John Kerry 42%

Head to Head

Giuliani 50% over Clinton 45%
McCain 50% over Clinton 45%
Giuliani 54% over Kerry 41%
McCain 54% over Kerry 41%

The interesting thing to me is that even with Bush at a current 45% job approval rating, the sample went consistently and strongly towards the Republicans. Seems to tell us that all the Bush bashing and negative focus is having little effect on the Republican leaning majority in America.

Currently America looks like it did in November 2004 with the same basic majority favoring the Republican platform and candidates over the Democrats. It’s early obviously but that’s what it looks like to me……………………………