Monday, August 08, 2005

Cindy Sheehan No Bush Fan Back In 2000 Letter Shows

Drudge has up a developing story on the Protest Mom, Cindy Sheehan, and a conflict in her recount of her families meeting with President Bush in 2004:


I think it’s pretty hard to criticize a parent for what they say when they have lost a child in the line of duty. I think they have earned that right more than anyone else. So I’m not going to criticize Ms. Sheehan for her very aggressive anti Bush statements and actions.

I will offer up something to consider as you read about her and the things coming out of her camp. I went and looked at the website dedicated to Cindy Sheehan’s son’s memory, and the Gold Star Families for Peace organization. I just don’t know much about her so wanted to gain some type of understanding about who see is and her motivations. On the site they have a letter from Cindy Sheehan to President Bush dated November 4, 2004:

Letter To Bush

To summarize a few points in the letter:

George, in 2000 when you stole that election and the Democrats gave up, I gave up too. I had the most ironic thought of my life then: "Oh well, how much damage can he do in four years?"

I will fight for a true vote count and if that fails, your impeachment. Also, the impeachment of your Vice President.

I must confess that I and my family worked very HARD to re-defeat you this time, but you refuse to stay defeated. Well, we are watching you very carefully. We are going to do everything in our power to have you impeached for misleading the American people into a disastrous war and for mis-using and abusing your power as Commander-in-Chief.

The 56,000,000 plus citizens who voted against you and your agenda have given me a mandate to move forward with my agenda. Also, thanks to you and your careless domestic policies, I am unemployed, so this will be my full-time job.

George, how many more innocent Iraqis are your policies going to kill before you convince them that you are better than Saddam?

Again, I’m not going to criticize Mrs. Sheehan for her campaign against President Bush and the Iraq war. I think that loosing a child in Iraq gives her the right to do that, more so than your average American who also has that very same right due to our constitutional guarantee of free speech.

I do however think that seeing where Mrs. Sheehan’s political base was back in 2000, prior to the tragedy she has experienced, helps one understand the things that she is doing and saying today…………………………


To give you a bit more of a perspective on Cindy Sheehan, she participated in the infamous Downing Street Memogate hearings in the basement of Congress. She was one of Representative Conyers star witnesses. Here is a copy of her statement:

Downing Street Testimony

From the expose of the Downing Street Memo and the conversations with George Bush from 1999, it seems like the invasion of Iraq and the deaths of so many innocent people were preordained. It appears that my boy Casey was given a death sentence even before he joined the Army in May of 2000………..

I believe that supporting a full investigation into the Downing Street Memo is a good beginning for Congress to redeem itself for abandoning the Constitution and the American people..............

So, she is a member of the “Believe the Downing Street Memos” club…………….

Update II

Things seem to be pointing towards an unhealthy buy-in and obsession that Cindy Sheehan has with the Downing Street Memos. Seems she has completely bought the theory put forth by the activists who have been promoting the Downing Street Memos for years now. Below is a website for Code Pink, that has Sheehan cutting a commercial that the organization then asks fellow citizens to buy time on their local radio to air it. They also appear to be her leading support organization:

Code Pink

This trip to Crawford on the protest bus, is obviously an uncountable additional attempt by the conspiracy clubs to give the Downing Street Memos traction with the American mainstream. It’s been soundly rejected every time because of its lack of credibility, but this is the latest in a long line of attempts to give it a degree of credibility that it does not merit.

Update III

Well Code Pink appears to be the official supporting organization of the Cindy Sheehan sit in, per this post on their website:

Fire Ants & Hunger Strike

Per the post, Code Pink is calling on a “hunger strike” to support Sheehan. They have had a nasty confrontation with a large colony of fire ants, and the latest request from Mrs. Sheehan was “"Bring water and hats, we plan on staying until we are arrested or satisfied with the answers."

In case you have never run into a colony of fire ants I can tell you this, you certainly do not want to be camping within miles of that. Water and hats sound like the least of their worries if their camp site is in fire ant territory. They may volunteer to go to jail, after a night sleeping with fire ants…………