Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Is Judith Miller The Source That Blew Plame's Cover?

I've been saying for days that Rove won't be the fall guy or the smoking gun in the Wilson - Plame investigation.


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I speculated that the source was a liberal CIA member, but in a post this evening John Podhoretz speculates that Miller herself could be the one who revealed Plame.

Miller Did It?

Could be and kind of makes sense based on several things I have said in my argument, that being if Rove was Miller's source as well as Coopers and we know Rove has given everyone permission to talk, why isn't she? Could it be that she is exercising her right to not self incriminate?

One thing for sure is that the Cooper info hangs nothing on Rove, and if Miller has the same thing then she would be talking. If she had the "real goods" on Rove she would be talking. If she has self incriminating info, then it would make sense that she is not talking. Time will tell........................

Byron York also has an article up at NRO after speaking with Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin


Here is what Luskin told York:

"By any definition, he burned Karl Rove," Luskin said of Cooper. "If you read what Karl said to him and read how Cooper characterizes it in the article, he really spins it in a pretty ugly fashion to make it seem like people in the White House were affirmatively reaching out to reporters to try to get them to them to report negative information about Plame."

When an attorney for Rove says someone else burned Rove, get ready for some real fireworks. Sounds like Miller is trying to keep the flame away from the fuse.....

The NYT is not looking real comfortable about the whole issue, that's for sure.....