Monday, July 11, 2005

What Do Judith Miller & The NYT Fear About The Plame Source?

So Rove has released Cooper from the source confidentiality standard, and Cooper is in compliance with the grand jury and not in jail. His info does shows he spoke to Rove about Joseph Wilson's Niger Yellow Cake investigation, and his assignment being put in place by his wife, and Rove said "she apparently works at the agency on WMD".

Cooper Facts

So nothing there about Rove "outing" an under cover agent in the least. If that is it then why won't Miller testify and why is she sitting in jail if Rove is her source as well? I'd say Miller has another source and a source that is very damaging to the NYT. It's only a guess, but given the NYT push in tomorrows front page, sounds like they are worried where all this is headed.

NYT Feeling Heat?

From the Cooper info we know Rove did not out Plame as a undercover agent, only that she was Wilson's wife and assigned Wilson to the Niger case. Who uncovered or gave up the goods that she was an undercover agent? If it was the reporters, then that's just good reporting. If someone with knowledge in the government told Miller that Plame was an undercover agent then we have an issue. But who did that if it in fact occurred?

If Miller and the NYT have Rove as the source who told Miller that was the case, then why is she sitting in jail and the NYT running a proactive damage piece trying to put pressure on Rove?

Here is how I see it happening, we know Cooper asked that Time have "another reporter check with the CIA" on his conversation with Rove. I think that as the reporters started asking questions to CIA sources a liberal who would like to see damage to the White House saw what they thought was an opportunity to bring down Rove. They learned that Rove had discussed Wilson being married to Plame. Then they became the source that disclosed that Plame was an undercover agent, either thinking Rove already had or with intent to link it to what Rove said.

I say this very damaging source is still out there, and it will be very damaging to the NYT, and that is why Miller is sitting in jail. Time will tell, but that's my guess..........................