Monday, July 11, 2005

American Defense Chiefs Need To Be Fired Over London Ban

If this is true then someone needs to be fired (per Drudge)

Very Poor Ban

American defense chiefs faced condemnation last night for banning U.S. airmen from entering London, the Uk's DAILY MAIL will report on Tuesday.

The paper is correct in saying if we stand with our ally, such an order sure sends a very different message. Who ever made this decision should be replaced at once and a public apology to the British people should be forth coming from Sec Rumsfeld. It's just not consistent with what we are saying, feel and mean as American people, but also is simply the decision making process of a very poor thinker and manager.

Lets hope this is dealt with quickly and appropriately because it is simply a very bad decision that does not reflect America's support of Britain and the British citizens.