Monday, July 11, 2005

Bill McClellan's Story About Ray Hartmann's Cat's Pissing Incident

Bill McClellan's column in the Pravda Post today is on "Ranting Ray Hartmann" of River Front Times & Donnybrook. Ray is a Dean Like screaming lunatic that is so far left that he is almost inverted.

McClellan's punch line is about cat urine from Hartmann's cat

Hartmann's Cat Tinkles

Well I do see a clear connection between Hartmann's political views and ranting and the smell of his cat's urine at the security check point in Miami.

By the way, what kind of man takes a cat on a trip via an airplane? I travel a great deal and have never seen one single man with a cat in a pet carrier. Maybe the landscaper who got attacked by the bees? Now that I think of it, I've never seen a woman carrying a cat on a plane trip for that matter............


Bill had better warn Ray about this:

Cat Crazy

FAIRFAX, Va. -- Police said the telltale sign was the smell. Animal control officers in Fairfax removed 187 cats from a house in Mount Vernon, and 59 cats and one dog from a home in Falls Church, officials said Monday.

I'm sure that Ray does not want to end up a "crazy cat collector" in his golden years but his actions of taking a leaky cat on an airplane suggest that is exactly where he is headed. Give the man some bee pollen.............