Thursday, July 14, 2005

Green Birds Flying In A Purple Sky - Allahu akbar

I asked in an earlier post how someone could become a human bomb. In this article I have my answers via The Times:

What Makes A Bomber

How does it feel to push the bottom to kill yourself and the innocent people around you:

It's as if a very high, impenetrable wall separated you from Paradise or Hello he said. Allah has promised one or the other to his creatures. So, by pressing the detonator, you can immediately open the door to Paradise it is the shortest path to Heaven.

What is the feeling as you are killing yourself and other innocent people:

"We were floating, swimming, in the feeling that we were about to enter eternity. We had no doubts. We made an oath on the Koran, in the presence of Allah a pledge not to waver. This jihad pledge is called bayt al-ridwan, after the garden in Paradise that is reserved for the prophets and the martyrs. I know that there are other ways to do jihad. But this one is sweet the sweetest. All martyrdom operations, if done for Allah's sake, hurt less than a gnat's bite!

I don't think that being Pakistani will be that much help in the west however:

But eventually, when the people who were observing me hthemselvesd themslves of my credentials an important one was that I am Muslim and from Pakistan I was allowed to meet members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad who would help me. We are agreeing to talk to you so that you can explain the Islamic context of these operations,one man told me. Even many in the Islamic world do not understand.

Young and educated:

None of the suicide bombers they ranged in age from 18 to 38 conformed to the typical profile of the suicidal personality. None of them was uneducated, desperately poor, simple-minded, or depressed. Many were middle-class and held paying jobs. Two were the sons of millionaires. They all seemed entirely normal members of their families. They were polite and serious, and in their communities were considered to be model youths. Most were bearded. All were deeply religious.

Suicide Bombers:

They were not inclined to argue but they were happy to discuss, far into the night, the issues and the purpose of their activities. One condition of the interviews was that, in our discussions, I not refer to their deeds as suicide, which is forbidden in Islam. Their preferred term is sacred explosions one member of al-Qassam said: We do not have tanks or rockets, but we have something superior our exploding Islamic bombs.

Maximum Collateral:

Military commanders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad remarked that the human bomb was one of the surest ways of hitting a target. A senior Hamas leader said: The main thing is to guarantee that a large number of the enemy will be affected. With an explosive belt or bag, the bomber has control over vision, location, and timing.

The crazy insane scream from one of the English bombers is understood now:

I asked one planner about the problem of fear. The boy has left that stage far behind,he said. The fear is not for his own safety or his impending death. It does not come from lack of confidence in his ability to press the trigger. It is awe, produced by the situation. He has never done this before and, inshallah, he will never do it again. It comes from his fervent desire for success, which will propel him into the presence of Allah. It is anxiety over the possibility of something going wrong and denying him his heart's wish. The outcome, remember, lies in Allah's hands.

But there is rational thinking, not suprisingly from the mother:

But there is grief, too. I asked the mother of Ribhi Kahlout, a young man in the Gaza Strip, who had blown himself up in November 1995, what she would have done if she had known what her son was planning to do. I would have taken a cleaver, cut open my heart, and stuffed him deep inside, she said. Then I would have sewn it up tight to keep him safe.

Crazy, absolutely crazy. These people are prehistoric in thier thought process. People like this are a threat to everyone, including the Islamic religion. It is the obligation of moderate muslims to take their relgion back. I hope they do........