Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Huge Economic Gains A No Sale With Nutty Krugman

Anyone who has read a column by the Nutty Professor Paul Krugman, knows he is are few cards short of a full deck, and he kept to that form in his article today in the Pravda Post:

Tinfoil Prof

The Nutty Professor puts on his tinfoil hat and his space suit and pens a delusional piece that basically says: don't believe the facts that show a huge economic rebound, trust me and my irrational rants that the Bush tax cuts are bad and will hurt us not help us, and the sky really is falling...................................

Sorry Professor, those of us in the real and rational world understand the latest economic report that shows huge tax receipts and the further strengthening of an already reasonably strong economy. The socialist model of giving the federal government French like taxes and let them redistribute the money as they see fit, is a no sale to rational none socialists. Were good with the capitalistic model we have that has served us well these past two hundred plus years and are very happy with the state of the economy

HUGE economic gains

Here are the facts per Bloomberg, not the nutty ranting of socialist journalist:

President George W. Bush's administration will report this week that surging tax revenue is shrinking this year's budget deficit from the record 2004 level, possibly by as much as $90 billion, giving him a shot at fulfilling his deficit reduction promise three years early.
With tax revenue running $1 billion a day ahead of the 2004 pace in late April and May, the deficit will likely decline to about $325 billion from $412 billion last year, according to the Congressional Budget Office and private forecasters such as Stephen Stanley, chief economist at RBS Greenwich Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut.

``An expanding economy, creating more receipts, is putting us on a very good path to deal with our deficit,'' Treasury Secretary John Snow said at a press conference in Calgary on July 8. ``It's pretty clear now the path we are on will take us below the president's initial target.''

Nutty Paul's worst fear is coming true, that being that the tax cuts are working and working very well. Once again the Crazy Krugman made up economic principles are showing to be political inventions and utterly false. Instead of facing the music that his agenda driven offerings are as always wrong, he is putting on the tinfoil hat and space suit and dancing the liberal spin dance. Won't work Professor, socialism is a "no sale" here in the states. Who are you going to believe Nutty Socialist Professor Paul Krugman or Bloomberg.

Come to think of it, who are you going to believe on the need for Social Security reform? The tinfoil hat Professor or polls showing that 70% of Americans doubt that the current social security plan will be able to pay out their benifits when they retire? The same Zogby polling shows a 52-to-40% margin support private accounts in the reform.